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Are alternative energy resources too expensive and complicated to replace the coal, oil and gas?

aseprudi 20 / 29 16  
Jun 30, 2015   #1
Alternative energy sources that use the natural power of wind, waves and sun are too expensive and complicated to replace the coal, oil and gas that we use to power our cities and transport. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this option?


The demand for powering the town and transportation has increased for years. For this reason, a wide range of domestic solar system does not generate sufficient energy to meet all needs. Other resources such as harnessing natural power of the sun, waves and wind are preparing by countries. However, it cost a huge amount of money for purchasing the apparatus such as the machine and power station. Also, installing the tools require an enormous attempt and complicated. For another country in which the panels have been implemented, providing energy alternative sources could be tackled swiftly.

Constructing the alternative energy plant requires an amount of founding at which the state should allocate outweigh. In Canada, $120 million should be in charge of government for providing the equipment and installing the apparatus which are needed. Furthermore, the scientists have to struggle and concerted effort on creating the wave solar panel as it is complicated. Take Portland as an example in which they was fail in order to build wave plant. When they performed to build the wave plant, the equipment quickly sank.

Conversely, harnessing wind turbine to power the cities for some countries is not difficult as they succeed to install it. For example, China is one of the countries where wind solar panels have worked. For years, the panels could generate an amount of electricity in order to meet the energy needed by the cities and transportation. As the plants have worked in China, creating waves energy is not be the problem.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that although constructing the alternative energy requires huge attempt and too expensive, some other countries could install it. Where possible, the state should be in charge of maintenance the plants.

lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Jun 30, 2015   #2
I can help you again with this essay. I think you are really improving with your writing. I am going to give you some helpful advice with the meaning of your essay.

-If you use, "the town" it is not specific enough. If you change it to "towns", you don't have to be specific. However, in the next sentence, you may need to be more specific. For example, instead of using "all", you could replace it with "everyone's" You need a transition to begin the next sentence. Ex: "As a result". Place "the" after harnessing. Are these resources being used by countries?

I'm unsure about the machine and power station. Does this relate to harnessing natural power? As I looked at the other paragraphs, I see that you are mentioning solar panels. This paragraph needs to mention solar panels, so the reader can know that this will be discussed in the other paragraphs. It will help your paper have better organization and the ideas will be understood.

-Your sources should be cited in this paragraph. Change part of this sentence to: "...funding at which the state should allocate." The next few sentences have facts, but it is a bit confusing. If the equipment and apparatus are made in the plant, then this could make the facts better. It seems like the whole paragraph is about this alternative energy plant, which is the wave plant. Is that correct?

-Cite your source in this paragraph. Also, the last sentence, I think you mean that "creating wave energy is not a problem".

-The last paragraph, I think I understand your essay better but it needs some work. Are you trying to compare the attempts made by the U.S. to construct alternative energy with other countries? Therefore, you believe each individual state should maintain their own plants. In this essay, don't leave out some details, because it can confuse the reader and this topic is a little more complex. Also, I think you didn't give your opinion. A few sentences could explain if you agree or disagree.

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