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Some argue that undertaking parental courses is the most effective way to promote children's growth

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Oct 8, 2021   #1
The best way to ensure the growth of children is to make parents take parenting courses.

Do you agree or disagree?

Some people argue that undertaking parental courses is the most effective way to promote children's growth. From my perspective, I entirely agree with that point of view for many reasons.

On the one hand, many parents now still depend on their instinct to nurture their children. However, that approach, in most cases, is counterproductive. One of the most notable examples is that many children are forced to materialize their parent's dreams but not theirs. As a result, they gradually lose incentives in life and are more likely to develop mental diseases, especially depression. Inevitably, their academic performance and social life will be severely affected.

On the other hand, with support from parental courses, both parents and children gain significant benefits. One notable outcome is that the gap between parents and their children becomes more tightened. With knowledge equipped from those programs, parents could have a clearer understanding of their children's thoughts. In this way, parents could deal with conflicts between two sides radically, especially the obedient ones. Furthermore, because teenagers may feel isolated from peers and the community due to their distinctive dreams and characteristics, encouragement from parents could give them the inner support to overcome such pressures, thereby reinforcing trust and mental connection between the two sides. Fortunately, such skills are provided in the parental courses.

In conclusion, with unparalleled benefits from parental courses for both children's development and the family's relation, there does exist no reason why I do not give them a favor.
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Oct 9, 2021   #2
I entirely agree

Do not use an extent response when not required to do so. Learn to identify the expected response format and provide it as required. While the exaggerated response looks good, points will actually be lost due to improper formatting.

On the one hand

On the other hand

Wrong reasoning format. The discussion does not ask for a comparative discussion format in the original prompt. Therefore, it should not be used in the reasoning paragraphs. Only opinion supporting reasons will be scored. So, when you said,

many reasons

, you are expected to present 2 reasons that support this claim.

As an under explained opinion presentation, it will be difficult to say that it will get a passing score. With a less than minimum word count as the opposing view paragraph will not be considered, plus other scoring deductions , this essay has insurmountable scoring problems.

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