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Task 2: It is argued that newspapers are an optimal way to learn news - what's your opinion?

Mekonguyen 1 / -  
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Newspapers are the best way to learn news - is it true?

It is sometimes argued that newspapers are an optimal way to learn news. While there might be some reasons to support that idea, I believe that other media are also better at updating news for everyone.

On the one hand, the option to read newspapers is attractive for several reasons. Firstly, newspapers' content is pledged. It is happening because it is always heavily censored before publishing. As a result, readers could avoid misleading information which is rife on the Internet. Secondly, academic writing style is written in newspapers by professional reporters so people can enhance and broaden their vocabulary as well as language proficiency.

On the other hand, media platforms are apparently convenient to learn news. These days, with the development of technology, everyone is able to access the news on user-friendly websites which provide up-and-coming information by using a laptop or a smartphone. Moreover, readers do not wait days or weeks for newspaper publication compared to social media which deliver news in a matter of minutes. In addition, besides traditional newspapers, other media offer various sources of information. Therefore, readers are provided diversity information with multiple perspectives instead of one-way newspapers.

In conclusion, in my opinion, although there are some advantages of newspapers, it is advisable that people should learn news from different sources to enrich knowledge.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,876 3553  
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I cannot accurately review your paper as you wrote less than the 250 word requirement. Presenting an examiner with only 218 words will result in an appropriate word percentage deduction. When you get large preliminary deductions based on the word count, the end result is always anon-passing essay because of other scoring deductions being added up for your overall score.

Is this appears to be your first attempt at writing a task 2 essay, I will give you a chance to write a proper length essay before I review it. That way I can get an accurate picture of your English comprehension skills, grammar usage knowledge, and other writing abilities. Can you do that for me? You won't reget it

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