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It's better to have broader knowledge than to specializing in one specific subject

Mercury23 1 / 1  
Dec 27, 2012   #1
I'm going to take TOEFL in just one month. Any suggestions are OK whether is blunt or not. I know I still have to improve a lot. So I hope you can point out some inappropriate use of vocabularies and grammar mistakes. Thank you!

It is not a new observation that some people have a broad knowledge in diverse areas while others are the professions just in one subject. So the heat debate arises, which one is better? From my personal perspective, I think it should depend on which generation people belong to.

For college students, it is better for them to have as many academic subjects as possible because through taking various subjects, they will easily find what they really interested in. Stanford University requires its undergraduates to choose course in eight different subjects, such as literature, philosophy and nature science. Some people have doubt whether it is useful for humanity students to learn science. However, most of the graduates said they benefit from this program a lot. In these sense, the college students may achieve all-rounded development and finally find what capture their interests. Thus, it is benign for their future studies for people will never get tedious about what they are obsessed in.

On the contrary, for business people, it is of more advantages to specialize in only one subject. Henry Ford and Bill Gates sever as good examples. Henry Ford just sells cheap cars even though the luxury cars may bring him much more money. And Bill Gate just operates only one company, Microsoft, instead of focusing on many other things. It is conspicuous that those who are successful all excel in a certain field. Being exposure to various subjects may distract their attentions and it is their concentrations finally lead them to the acme of business world.

Also, the scientists should concentrate on the specialized subjects. Curie's spent whole their lives to purify one gram of radium, which is considered to make invaluable contributions to the modern technology. Plus, other Noble Prize winners pursue the perfection in just one aspect rather than focus on many subjects thoroughly

In a nutshell, whether people should cover many academic subjects depends on their generation. If a person has already chosen his/her life-long career, such effort will aggravate mental effort and bring no merits. In contrast, students will dig out their aspiration through acquiring knowledge in distinct aspects.

Millin Gabani 10 / 22 1  
Dec 29, 2012   #2
Improve vocabulary, it will help you

Well I have give toefl and received 104 , is help needed, tell me
OP Mercury23 1 / 1  
Dec 29, 2012   #3
Well, thanks a lot. Would you like to give me some suggestions on how to improve the vocabulary? I have recited many complicated word, but when I write essays, only simple words come into my mind.

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