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It is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school

lethixuandaoa 1 / -  
Mar 10, 2024   #1
There is often much debate about the fact that it is advisable for children to start learning another language at primary school rather than secondary school. From my perspective, there are certain disadvantages but its benefits are much more considerable.

On the one hand, it is said that studying language at an early age has some noteworthy positive effects. One of the most outstanding benefits is that it gives children a good opportunity to enhance their ability to understand. To be more specific, at that age, their brain will have the possibility of remembering new vocabulary as well as grammar extremely quickly. To illustrate, according to a recent survey, children's memory speed is faster than adults. As a result, they have a tendency to find a well-paid job in the future if they begin to learn language earlier.

Despite these attractions, several drawbacks do exist. In particular, children are under too much pressure from parents and school. This means that they do not have time to entertain with a wide range of traditional games like other friends. As a consequence, they may feel depressed and not want to learn anymore. For instance, a large number of children who are made to study so much tend to get bored with it on account of not having a meaningful childhood.

In conclusion, despite its downsides, balancing learning a foreign language and entertainment helps children to study better and give them more advantages in the future,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,787 4778  
Mar 11, 2024   #2
The essay is not long enough. As a task 2 paper, this opinion presentation should meet the 250 minimum word count. Failure to meet the minimum count will result in deductions in relation to the basic task format requirements, which will be separate as a deduction from the preliminary task accuracy score.

On the one hand,

The next paragraph should therefore begin with, "On the other hand". This is to establish that you are comparing 2 scenarios in the discussion. There are certain transition phrases that work hand in hand. This comparison phrase uses the aforementioned accompanying transition reference.

The concluding summary paragraph is in the incorrect format. The presentation uses a run on sentence when the expected format is that of a 2 sentence summary instead.

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