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'find a method' - Children begin learning foreign language at primary school

alexdaonguyen 1 / -  
Mar 7, 2014   #1
Traditionally, children have begun studying foreign language at secondary school, however some educationalist recommended that it's better to introduced them earlier. They supposed that children should begin study foreign language at primary school. In fact, this policy has both positive and negative outcome.

There is a naturally true that children could pick up foreign language much more easily than teenagers. Their brain has a faculty of reception, children can be quick to understand everything around them. If children learn foreign language early, they can have more than one mother language and it is very important for them when grow up. With a great foreign language, they can study in a famous university, get a good job, get a high salary... Everyone knows that foreign language is the key to brightness future.

There are, however, some disadvanged. The Primary teachers are generalist, and may not have necessary foreign language skills to study children. If primary language teaching is not standardise, secondary schools could be face with the variety of levels in different languages. Beside that, children will have one more subject at primary school so they can a lot pressure of studying, that may reflectively on their character and heathy

If this policy will be adopted, the parents had to prepare carefully to children. We had to find a method to study foreign language at primary schools, it's not only effective but also not harmful to children

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