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BODY TASK 1 the salary of Anthropology

thanh2509 1 / -  
Jun 10, 2024   #1
About the pie chart, majority of graduates were employed after graduation, only 12 percent were unemployed and 8 percent were unknown. Over half of Anthropology students were full-time worker, followed by 15 percent of people who did part-time job. Full-time Anthropologists accounted for 15% which were 3 times as high as people doing both part-time work and postgraduate study. In terms of the table, most of Anthropology graduates had a over-100000-dollars salary. People with 25000-49000-dollars salary is the lowest in 4 salaries under 10 percent.The salaries of 15% freelance consultants and 15 % people work in government sector is the same at 50000-74000 dollars. Half of the graduates who work in the government sector earn more than a hundred thousand dollars. The proportion of freelance consultants at 75000-99000-dollar salary and over-100000 salary were the same 40%

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Jun 12, 2024   #2
With only 136 words written, this task 1 essay will automatically get a failing score. You have to write at least 150 words so that word count deductions will not apply to your preliminary score. It is difficult to overcome a failing score in the preliminary scoring stage because more deductions will be applied to your writing based on scoring sections after that. The essay does not properly follow the 3 paragraph presentation for the task 1 essay. Only one out of the 2 images was properly identified in this presentation. The analysis of the information is weak. The presentation could have used more information development. This is a problem that developed because of the writer's rush to finish writing the task, without knowing that there is a minimum word count requirement that directly connects with the coherence and cohesiveness of his presentation. Kindly familiarize yourself with the task 1 writing format when you can to avoid the same errors happening in the future.

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