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The causes of eBook trend and its problem related to the libraries

agus_mono 13 / 23 2  
Apr 26, 2017   #1
More and more people prefer to read eBooks rather than paper books.
What are the reasons for this?
What problems can this cause for libraries?

Libraries versus technology

In this advancement technological era, we can do everything easily, including accessing electronic-based information. One of trends today is people tend to red electronic book rather than printed one. This is because the accessibility provided by eBooks is easier than another one. Unfortunately, such trend bring demerit to the library which is rare to visit now.

Accessibility is the major reason why people more likely to use electronic book. Readers can easily access and read the book by hand-held devices such as laptop, mobile device, or gadget wherever and whenever they want. I see my friend who is a nerd, and he prefer read electronic novel throughout his gadget. He told has ever told me that the way he read is cheaper than buy paper book. He feels more convenient with that reading habit since he can bring the books without any space and bag, but only bring in his phone. Even If has leisure time, he will immediately read his electronic book. From my friend's story, it is clear that easy access is the predominant factor of eBook trend.

However, the electronic book trend leads readers to be far from the library. Most readers in getting their favorite book rely on the library in the past, but they can access directly now by the phone if the publisher provide eBook version. So if it happens, the reader will stay on their room and read the electronic one rather than printed book. The lest survey in Habibi Library, one of the biggest libraries in my cities, reveals that since eBook were introduced several years ago, the number of visitors in this library become less and less. The librarian also said that, visitors only come there if they look for a book that did not publish with electronic version. So then, the popularity of library become more and more reduce in the public.

In conclusion, it is clear that eBooks have become popular since its appearance and allow people to access it easily. It becomes popular trend for the reader today due to its easy access. Sadly, the popularity of library in the public is degraded by eBooks.
Diahkn93 6 / 9  
Apr 27, 2017   #2
Hello again mr @agus_mono
Overall you conducted passage was good. But in some part for using vocabulary not appropriate such as more likely >> high likely.
Second this sentence He told has ever told methat the way he read is cheaper than buy paper book. >> he believed e-book is cheaper than printed books.

Every each paragraph you clearly put good pattern an give coherence example which is good.
Less grammatically wrong and i believe you may get by over 6.5 :)
Good luck

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