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The chart below shows information about the problems people have when they go to live in other count

AnnaAlysia 1 / -  
Nov 14, 2023   #1
The bar chart illustrates three kinds of obstacle that various age groups generations face up when they live overseas.

On one hand, finding schools for their offspring seems to be the least problematic issue for all age groups. While less than 5 percent people from the oldest age bracket (over 55) and roughly 18 percent people in the middle-age (35-53 years old) sort with this issue.

On the other hand, dealing with finances and healthcare are both the most and second significant trouble for all. Indeed, finance issues places on top according to the youngest (people aged 18-34) by 34 percent and sits in the second place for the rest. Besides, people also suffer from healthcare, while it takes the highest place in both middle- and oldest age brackets. It is unsurprisingly being the record difficulty for not only the middle age group but also for all by reaching 34 percent.

In conclusion, people deal with various matters when they live overseas, on the contrary sorting out finances is the biggest puzzle for all.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
Nov 27, 2023   #2
The summary overview is incomplete. It should represent a more summative presentation of the image over at least 3 sentences. Additional references to the problems outlined and the measurement reference would have helped better represent the overall information provided. Also missing from the presentation is the trending statement which would have shown an early analytical representation of the given information.

A task 2 writing format should not be used in the task 1 essay. The task 2 essay requires a comparative opinion, while the task 1 essay uses a direct information sharing format. So the writing style used in this presentation is incorrect. There is no need to present a conclusion in a task 1 essay as it is only an informative comparison essay presentation.

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