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The chart below shows the percentage of households in owned and rented accommodation in England and

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Apr 2, 2024   #1
The bar chart illustrates the proportion of house holds in England and Wales that either owned or rented their homes from 1918 to 2011. Overall, the percentage of those owning a house followed an upward trend while the figure for rented properties showed a downward trend.

More specifically, in 1918, there was nearly 80% of households in England and Wales lived in rented accommodation. The proportion of renters was hit the lowest point at about 30% during 83 years, between 1918 and 2001. After that, it rose to approximately 38% in 2011.

In contrast, in 1918, the percentage of people who owned the houses was just 23%. However, it was reach a peak of nearly 70% at a period of 83 years, in 2001. The figure for owners was drop to about 65% in 2001.
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Apr 12, 2024   #2
Sadly, the essay does not meet the minimum word requirement of 150 words. This will get an automatic failing score because of the word count deductions that will be applied to the preliminary Task accuracy score. You should always write at least 150 words. Any less and you will not be able to achieve a passing score. Your explanations will be incomplete, incoherent, and little developed. The best possible score for the task 1 essay comes from the 175 words written. That is the best scoring presentation you can give. While you did present information in this essay, 2 sentences to explain is simply unacceptable in an academic setting. You have to present at least 3 sentences per paragraph.

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