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Chevening scholarship essay: Studying in the UK_ I have chosen my courses focusing on my career goal

Iqbal3993 3 / 6 5  
Nov 2, 2019   #1
I would request an expert to review the essay as the last date is fast approaching, hence, I won't have enough time to have a second review. I intend to submit the application after receiving an effective feedback. As I exceeded the word count, I would appreciate any recommendatoin on reduction in words.

Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future.

three desired programs choice

I have developed my interest in medicine while studying themodule of "Pharmaceutical Science" during my undergraduate study in Chemistry. Dueto not having the facility of pursuing Masters in "Pharmaceutical Science" inBangladesh and as a Chemistry graduate, I was not eligible to pursue Master ofPharmacy, I pursued my postgraduation in Chemistry. I was further motivated tolearn about medicine while studying the module of "Medicinal and PharmaceuticalChemistry" during postgraduation study. Although I have acquired hands-on experience in laboratory work and operatingsome sophisticated pharmaceutical equipment and instruments while working as aR&D executive in a pharmaceutical company, I have understood theimportance of having in-depth knowledge of medicine and pharmaceutical aspectswhich an academic degree of the field can offer. Obtaining a well-equippedMasters degree in Pharmaceutical Science related program will enable me toovercome the deficiency in knowledge and enable me to become a leader capableof leading an entire R&D team.

Based on the above, I have chosen three programs of mypreferences:

1. The PharmaceuticalAnalysis & Quality Control MSc offered by the King's College London is myfirst choice. The curriculum includes Quality Assurance, Quality Control andregulatory affairs which cover all areas that I need to bridge my knowledgegap, especially the regulatory affairs module which will add a great value to my skills set becausethe pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh are focusing more on licensing andinternational regulatory markets while the country has a shortage ofexperts due to unavailability of such course locally. Furthermore, well-equippedlaboratories with modern techniques and instruments allowing an additional offerof choosing an extended project in the labs with internationally-ratedscientists will allow me to have hands-on laboratory experience and extendedinternational networking that will enable me to become a leader in this fieldback in Bangladesh by handling critical projects through networking.

2. IndustrialPharmaceutics at the Queen's University Belfast is my second preference owingto its wide range of modules that cover all aspects of pharmaceutical sciencesranges from the formulation of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products tomanufacturing and validation with the data management system. As a Cheveningawardee, this course will equip me with diverse knowledge which will counter mylacking that I have been experiencing in my professional field. It's StrategicManagement and Leadership course comprised of the associated challenges that are posed to industry, and appropriate problem-solving approaches will nourishmy dream to become a leader in the sector.

3. Ihave chosen Pharmaceutical Technology and Medicines Control MSc at theThe University of Bradford as third preference and I have already received anunconditional offer for this course. Apart from the course of general pharmaceuticalscience, it also offers the Medicine Control that encompasses clinical trials,drug regulations, drug licensing, testing and safety which really appeals to meconsidering the regulatory market focus of pharmaceutical companies inBangladesh.

As Bangladesh has started export medicines to UK throughlicensing and regulations, having a UK standard pharmaceutical degree willallow me to contribute to ensuring the UK standard of pharmaceutical processand manufacturing back in the home country which will, in turn, allow me to dosomething in return for the UK as well.

Maria - / 1,100 389  
Nov 4, 2019   #2
Hi there. Thanks for coming to the forum! Hopefully, my feedback will give you insight on how to improve your writing.

First and foremost, I think that a good chunk of your mistakes are based on the technical angle of writing. Notably, you have to be cautious when you are trying to lay out the details in a comprehensive light. Bear in mind that you have to ensure proper capitalization and usage of punctuation marks. Take a good look and review your first paragraph as it is quite prevalent here.

Furthermore, the latter parts where you discuss your preferences should be understood with the same sentiment. You can omit the numbers and instead just write out everything as formally and structurally as possible.

You do not necessarily have to detail everything out to the finest and more specific point of views. Simply prioritizing and giving preference to a specific portion will suffice.

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