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Cities become unpleasent places....

Slim shady 12 / 27  
Jun 27, 2012   #1
It is an IELTS essay. I need more comments. thank you in advance!!!

Many cities have become less pleasant places to live in recent years. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

In the past people could go to travel, live or work everywhere they wanted, unfortunately, nowadays some country's cities getting worse. People are frightening to go there for traveling or for dwelling. there are some problems which should be solved in order to improve cities' condition.

In my opinion, the first problem is air pollution in the cities. Nowadays, there are an immense of cars and factories which can produce the smog in the cities. It can cause to people in very high level. For example, they can aggravate bronchitis and may even cause cancer. Some people suffer from breathing or other health problems. Elderly people do not feel safe in their homes. So that is why, people are not going to live or move to the metropolises.

To solve this trouble we have to reduce waste disposals, driving cars, producing less chemicals and industries which are released the worst one. For instance, when coal is burnt in power stations to give electricity, it produces two major gases which cause acid rain.

The second one is unfriendliness which is the worst habit in our life. When people move to like this place, they feel lonely and some strange. Neighbors do not speak to each other or do not help each other. It is too boring live like these places. In my view, everyone should be more attentive to each other. For example, if your neighbor is new there where you live, you have to help them concentrate on to this place.

To sum up, all countries should be more attentive to their cities. They need to create new places for people who are arriving there and build new houses for people who are moving there.

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