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riyak 6 / 13 1  
Jan 11, 2013   #1
I do not have a strict preference. Whether or not I want to study with a teacher depends on the type of subject and my ease with it.I will elaborate below how, through personal experience, I have learnt that sometimes it's better for me to work with teachers and sometimes by myself.

In school, we had a wide variety of subjects. Besides the daily classes, we were offered extra help with all the subjects by our teachers through group tutoring. Although at first I opted for tutoring for all the subjects, I soon realized that there were subjects like literature and social studies, where I was much better off studying alone. It was because these subjects required a certain degree of creativity and I felt that if I followed the style instructed by my teachers instead of developing my own style I would not be able to perform well in these subjects in the long run. Moreover, each teacher had their own style, as these subjects were subjective, and I only ended up confused as I tried to copy each of their styles. Therefore, slowly I started studying these subjects on my own and over a period of time did very well.

However, for subjects like science and maths, which were my weak points, I worked well only with guided instructions of teachers. As these subjects have to do with universally accepted principles, it was easier to work with different teachers on these subjects over the years as the concepts never changed as such.Moreover, as I found these subjects not as interesting as arts, I only felt motivated to put in work when I was studying with a teacher.

Similarly in law school, I liked studying by myself as I understood the legal concepts much better when I studied and researched on them on my own.Therefore, I would conclude by saying, personally my preference of studying alone or with a teacher depends much on what kind of subject I am studying.

dinoyolk 2 / 3  
Jan 11, 2013   #2
Is their a word limit? Personally I feel like you should take one side not say I prefer both.

This sentence "However, for subjects like science and maths, which were my weak points, I worked well only with guided instructions of teachers." should be rewritten to "However, for my weak subjects like science and maths, I work well with the guided instructions by teachers."

Again, these are just my personal opinion.