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IELTS Compare the pros and cons of following as media for communicating information

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Q: Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three of the following as media for communicating information. State which you consider to be the most effective.


There is varied media organizations that people can choose and enjoy in modern societies. Some are very efficient to get communicating information but some are not. In this essay, books, theatre and television will be examined and described both advantages and disadvantages.

Reading books is one of the conventional method which has been continued over the centuries. It contributes comprehensive skills to people because reading requires spontaneous action compared with TV or theatre. However, as there is no sound or visual impact, this popularity has been fading especially among young generation.

By comparison, the theatre has a great impact opon people in terms of stimulating their auditory and visual system in the brain. However, there are various disadvantages in theatre. Although theatres have a spectacular view and sound, it can not be effective device for people since it is expensive and many people can not afford to watch movies at the theatre every time. Moreover, there is a limitation of sending information because the theatre sends only movies the audience.

Television has the most effective system to send information to audiences compared with books and theatres. Firstly, it is not expensive than going to theatres, and every one can enjoy watching TV at home. Secondly, there is a variety of choice in TV programs such as, news, dramas and documentaries. Since television has many categories of information, people of all ages and sexes can enjoy watching TV. Demerit of television is that there are many advertisements between TV show, and it may disturb viewers.

In conclusion, TV is the most effective method compare with any other devices sending information, Thus it is assumed that television wil expand its function more and more in the future.

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