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Considerations and factors influence the universities budget allocation to meet students' demand

kid09321 1 / -  
Dec 16, 2014   #1
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Universities should spend money on improving facilities rather than on hiring famous teachers.

There are a lot of considerations and factors influence the budget allocation of the universities to meet the students' demand. Some universities allocate their budget on improving facilities, while some universities distribute money to hire some famous teachers, and it's still a very controversial issue. Although advanced facilities is very important for conducting research and experiments, I think recruiting celebrated teachers will help students improve themselves much more better.

First of all, some people say that advanced facilities can provide them a good environment to conduct a research and get accurate data; therefore, improving facilities is very important for academic research. Nevertheless, these people don't notice that professors play a key role in the experiments. When students are practicing doing experiments, the most important of all, they should understand the rationale of the experiments. If they don't understand the rationale and just memorize the steps, they actually learn nothing about the experiment. Besides, professors need to explain and help students analyze the data after finishing the experiments. If the analysis is incorrect, the result of the experiment would be wrong.

Second, some people insist that good facilities can stir students' interest in learning, so schools should spend money on upgrading facilities rather than on hiring teachers. However, they don't realize that students need a good teacher to encourage them to be more active. For example, if a student is not able to understand the lectures, he or she may not go to that class anymore in spite of the sophisticated facilities. Therefore, without a good teacher, any great machine is useless for students if they don't know how to use it.

In conclusion, universities should take every aspect into account when they allocate money on different projects. I think universities should spend budget on hiring renowned teacher rather than improving their facilities because it can promote both the quality of students and the willingness to learn.
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Dec 16, 2014   #2
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Use some phrases, such as to be more specific, to put it in another way, that is to say, what I mean is to add up coherence.

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