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Many countries invest a lot of money in art. Should they rather spend more on health and education?

Linda91 30 / 40 3  
Feb 21, 2016   #1
Many countries spend a lot of money in art. Some people think investment in art is necessary, but others say money is better spent on improving health and education. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

These days, some people believe that giving money in art is needed but some others think that money should be spent on health and education enhancement. I personally believe that both of these field should be supported simultaneously by the government.

First and foremost, health and education is basic need of people's lives. Education improvement can develop nation as young generation obtain good the process of learning and it will generate a smart generation, which is followed by advancement of the nation. To be more specific, the more people receive better education until high level, the more number of qualified people country would have. Following this, they can change nation in some aspects, such as economic condition. Subsequently, Health is also important factor in one country as it can influence national condition. To illustrate, the productivity of employee in company has a limit which is affected by their health, and then it can give an impact in economics situation too. It proves that government should spend national budget in education and health.

However, funding the art brings the nation creating creative environment because it can overcome the emergence of new ideas in art field which inspire the young generation. Art exhibition, for instance, is medium for displaying art work such painting by an artist that can contribute in creating creative generation. Therefore, spending money in art is good investment to the countries, so that government should also take a big attention to this aspect.

To sum up, the government should subsidize both of these field, either education and health areas and art field.

indah_hai 19 / 38 4  
Feb 21, 2016   #2
Dear Linda91,

Here grammar you've missed..
either education andor health areas and art field.
both of these fields

I think it would be better to add example in the first body paragraph to support its explanation, and in conclusion you should strong your ideas below to answer the question...


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