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In many countries obesity and unhealthy eating habits are increasing. What are the reasons for this?

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Oct 31, 2023   #1

reasons for obesity and unhealthy eating habits

Obesity rate and unhealthy eating habits have become an insurmountable problem in several countries during recent years. This trend can be attributed to many factors, including sedentary lifestyles, dietary preferences, and social changes. It seems to me that the most effective way to deal with this problem lies in implementing comprehensive preventative measures.

One of the significant reasons for the escalation of the obesity rate and junk food consumption is that our modern lifestyle prefers convenience. Usually, fast food chains are very clean and their service style is very professional and quick. A global civilization has led to the global expansion of massive fast-food businesses. Also, they are standardized, which makes it easier to know what you will get wherever you go. More importantly, the sedentary nature due to the rise of desk jobs has reduced physical activity levels.

To combat this issue and stimulate healthier eating habits, a continuous bilateral approach from education and government policies. There should be an acceleration and accentuation of educating individuals on the negatives of processed foods and raising awareness of balanced diets importance. This must involve combined efforts from family, school, workplace, and media. In addition, the government plays an integral part in supporting and promulgating regulations, including subsidies for fresh products, and poses stringent criteria for marketing unhealthy food.

In conclusion, the increasing prevalence of obesity and unhealthy eating habits can be attributed to societal changes, dietary preferences, and sedentary lifestyles. However, by implementing a comprehensive approach that includes education, and policy changes, it is possible to effectively prevent and address this alarming trend.
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Nov 1, 2023   #2
insurmountable problem

Avoid such exaggerated references in the restatement. Remember that the original topic is based upon logic. Therefore, only facts have been stated for you to reference in the rephrasing. Never veer away from the factual presentation. Instead, focus on restating the prompt in a simple, non inflammatory manner. That way you will not lose points for veering away from the original context.

It seems to me

You need to have a sense of assuredness in your writer's opinion presentation. You cannot be uncertain because you are being asked to state a personal opinion that is based on a series of reasoning topics that you can defend with valid information. This sort of statement does not instill that confidence in what you have to say. You will lose points for this.

To combat this issue

The sentence is lacking a final call to action. It does not make sense. It is incomplete and does not provide an idea or thought process that would have helped you gain a better score through this anchor sentence.

Home / Writing Feedback / In many countries obesity and unhealthy eating habits are increasing. What are the reasons for this?
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