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In many countries, people decide to have children at a later age than in the past. Why?

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May 12, 2024   #1
In contemporary society, the trend of delaying giving birth is increasingly prevalent due to a complex interplay of personal priorities and societal matters, which has sparked a heated controversy around its underlying impacts on individuals' lives and the community as a whole. From a personal standpoint, such a propensity is predominantly disadvantageous since it instigates health deterioration as well as economic retardation in many nations.

On the one hand, it goes without saying that this disposition can yield two significant benefits aligned with professional development and the upbringing of their children. A global survey conducted in 2020 has illuminated that career pursuit is the primary driving force behind women's postponing having babies. They believe that doing so grants them the liberty to extend their career path, unencumbered by parental responsibilities. Such an unpreoccupied mind fosters greater work productivity among women, allowing chances for promotion and achieving stable positions before giving birth. A well-prepared state is another remarkable advantage of having children later in life. Parents are accorded ample time to acquire the preparedness in their mentality and financial status to welcome their babies. This willingness acts as a buffer against any hindrances attendant upon nurturing children; additionally, it provides their offspring with favorable conditions for a well-rounded development.

Shifting to the opposite end of the spectrum, it is vital to consider the negative ramifications of birth delays on individuals' well-being and the prosperity of a nation. Numerous scientific papers have suggested that women over 35 run a higher risk of health complications after giving birth, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, due to their weakened immune systems. Simultaneously, their babies also encounter the jeopardies of being incapacitated by disabilities, Down syndrome, or mental disorders, as explicitly examined in many cases. Another detrimental impact of this inclination is the socio-economic implications. Birth postponement has brought about significant changes in the demographics, leading to an aging population in several countries. This unfavorable modification implies a lack of a creative and energetic workforce in the labor market who play an integral role in economic activities. Consequently, aged laborers are under the obligation to enhance their performances; otherwise, their countries will face a severe economic recession.

In conclusion, it is incontrovertible that suspending having children yields both positive and negative results. However, such an ongoing situation is predominantly disadvantageous concerning its broader impacts on social wealth. It is the pivotal moment for the authorities to implement welfare policies for women after giving birth to encourage them not to retard their reproduction.
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May 17, 2024   #2
Your writer's opinion presentation is incomplete. You have only answered 1 out of 2 opinion questions. Therefore, your opinion will not contribute to the TA score in a positive manner. A mark down will be applied due to the incomplete statement presentation.

Your LR score will also be reduced because you turned the essay into a vocabulary exercise. You decided to keep using advanced or intermediate English words, without knowing how to properly use it in the sentence. You have created confusing statements throughout the essay when the requirement was to use everyday English words in the essay so that it will be easily understandable to most native English speakers. Using the words in the wrong context does not improve your score. It only serves to hurt your scoring consideration.

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