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In many countries, people are moving away from rural areas and towards urban areas why do you think

tungaan 1 / -  
May 11, 2023   #1

people migrate to cities

In this day and age,, the topic of people migration is something which bears consideration. It is the opinion of this writer that migrate to metropolis leads to the overpopulation and loss of balance between rural area and urban place because of each person's demand for getting stable professions.

It is vital to understand that human usually choose to migrate to modern cities because of the high opportunity to gain new job. As almost people know, urban areas are developing gradually, so there are many advantage positions for people to make money paid some standard of living cost and many different aspects. Therefore, it is easily understand than an amount of people is migrating recently.

One should also note that the population increasing rapidly each year leads to the overpopulated issue. If this problem happens gruadually, citizen will not have enough living place to live in the nearest future. It is one of the biggest issues at the moment with both developed countries and developing countries such as China and Vietnam. Taking China for example, many researchs demonstrating that Chinese's population is increasing rapidly and a lot of workers are unemployed.

Another point worth consideration is imbalance in the distribution of the population when people moving away from rural areas and towards urban areas, there is not any the balance from two different areas. Thus , a lot of vacant land is rising speedily in the countryside while the lands from metroplis are exhausting gradually. Additionally, not only affects the balance but also different from economy condition. If each vacant land rises evryday, many development condition will be skipped and forgotten, so it makes many persons waste their opportunity develop in the countryside.

Taking everything into account, concerning about finding secure jobs is one of key factors that people migrate to other cities, which also become some kind of problems about overpopulation and imbalance in many aspects between cities and countryside.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,941 4806  
May 12, 2023   #2
You need to provide a sense of order in your prompt restatement and writer's opinion. Follow the flow of the question positions when providing your responses. The causes cannot come before the reasons. This is a cause - effect format essay. Therefore, the applicable discussion format must be followed in your presentation. That will help to avoid confusion when it comes to understanding the topic, basis, and reasons for your discussion presentations.

In terms of formatting, the essay is over discussed. Unless it is a comparative essay with personal opinion, you only need to present 250-300 words. That is 4 paragraphs only. You cannot write this much in an actual test, without proofreading and editing your essay for content. You have forced errors in this presentation such as double punctuation use, which will definitely lower your sectional scores. Take time to edit your work for quality. You are not being scored on the word count. The main score comes from reasoning and logic.

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