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Some countries have more youngsters than older ones.

SamiyaSana 1 / -  
May 11, 2024   #1
In this current era, some countries have more youngsters than older ones.

The plus points of this situation outweigh the negative ones.
A large number of young ones means having more energetic, enthusiastic people who can contribute to uplifting a country's economic condition. Moreover, the early stages of life are considered to be more productive in the form of brain activity, which can be utilized in creative thinking, idea generation, and producing an innovative mindset that can lead to the prosperity of society. For instance, Pakistan is a country where youngsters are the majority. Various skill development courses that the government has planned are now helping youth earn their share in the freelance market. All these activities require a healthy brain, probably in the early period of life.

On the other hand, older ones in mean the population is decreasing and that community may have to outsource labor from other countries to support the sustainability of their habitat. South Korea currently has a greater number of older people who have to work hard to continue their lives. People even at the age of 80 have to work 9 hours a day to earn their living. No offspring is there to take care of their elders. This situation also threatens the habitat's durability because no one will continue the next generation to keep the life cycle running.

In conclusion, a country's population with more young ones can benefit a lot from different perspectives, particularly by providing economic advantages. However, population with the majority of senior citizens

May cause everlasting threats to a habitat due to population scarcity.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4799  
May 17, 2024   #2
Your prompt restatement is improperly presented. The restatement and your opinion should be located in the same paragraph. The paragraph should also contain at least 40 words in it to be considered for a valid score. Since you improperly presented those 2 aspects, the essay will start with a failing TA score. There is a lack of coherent and cohesive discussion in your presentation. You were discussing Pakistan in the first paragraph then you suddenly discussed Korea in the next paragraph. The flow of the discussion became incorrect. The information presented because confusing to the reader. Where is the connection? There needs to be a cause and effect scenario of sorts present in this essay. That is sorely missing so the essay will not pass.

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