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IELTS ESSAY, couples decide to have children later in their life.

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Dec 28, 2012   #1
These days couples decide to have children later in their life. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? How is it affecting the family life and society?

It is great debatable about couples decision of having children later in life. I strongly disagree apropos with statement that couples decision to have children later in their life. There are more disadvantages than advantage of having children in later age.

Some of the advantages of couples having children in later age are financial strong and well matured to support their children. They are financially strong to cope up needs of their children. Moreover, they can give better education to their children. Parents are well matured to handle problems of their children.

On the other hand, after age 30 both men and women face many health problems like infertility, diabetes and heart diseases. In addition, they become older and not able to look after their children. We know the proverb, "Make a hay while the sun shines" states that while on certain age itself couple should have their children. So that it prevents many problems in their future.

To conclude, as I said previously couples having children in latter age results in more disadvantage than advantage. As they face more problems in latter age, it is advisable to have their children in young age itself.
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Dec 28, 2012   #2
Hai Dev...

Nice to read the answer of the latest question...

===> ....financial steability and macturity...

Conclusion===> you used as twice..

Having....advantages, as they face more problems .... age. It is advic....

over all a good attempt..


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