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Day-by-day people's lives are becoming increasingly stressful. What is the reason and how to solve

chloeec 1 / -  
Dec 31, 2019   #1

high-speed, stressful lifestyle

Nowadays, people have become wealthier than before. However, people also confront the high-speed lifestyle at the same time, which is an extreme stressful lifestyle. In this essay I will discuss some of the causes of this stress and how it could be alleviated.

In this generation, people work hard for a high quality lifestyle; however, some of whom turn out to be a workaholic to be able to cope with their occupations, which has become social issue. Take Taiwan for instance, after economic depression, around 10 years ago, many people were unemployed, so they needed to fight for their positions in case of losing the job they just had. They accepted an excessive workload without any complaints. However, a few years later, there were many incidents about overloaded employee's deaths, and people were starting to consider about their rights and thinking about the lifestyles they had. Now, in these few years, high-tech replacements are also changing people workstyle, and the work environment has become much more competitive. People should find the balance between their jobs and lives; because the job environment has been changing and will be continuing.

In order to achieve their life ambitions and being competent workers, people work under stress. I believe that they need to take time slowly sometimes to think about the future life they want and learn more about loving. People only focus on jobs, and ignore family and friends, and even become selfish who only have money without people's accompany. I think that although they look rich, they are poor in mind. Learning to share and care about people and society will be a good start.

In conclusion, nowadays, people are making an effort at being accepted workers to be hired and to acquire their goals in thier occupations. However, as time goes fast, people should take break as a demand for their healthy and balanced lifestyles. If it is ignored, people might be regret it after they have lost. it.

orchid - / 2  
Jan 1, 2020   #2
The solution for 2nd cause is too short, you should explain or give example more.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,110 3260  
Jan 16, 2020   #3
There are spelling errors in this essay (thier = their) which could have been caught and corrected through proof reading. Haphazard writing in relation to spelling will result in heavy points deductions under the LR consideration. In addition to that, the introduction paraphrase is not correct for this essay. The introduction paraphrase should merely restate the provided prompt, not begin the opinion discussion of it. The more proper paraphrase for this should have been:

People are living their daily lives under intense pressure. There are several factors that cause this situation. This essay will look at one particular reason for the stress people undergo everyday and offer a solution to the problem.

The above example is a correct paraphrase for the given prompt. Your introduction failed to do that, which means that your TA score will see several points deducted from it due to this mistake. There are numerous grammatical errors as well in relation to sentence formation and word usage that would result in further reduced GRA scores.

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