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Differences between Mongolian and American Foods

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Mar 2, 2007   #1
hi all!! first of all i wan to thank you all EF team workers for helping us and encouraging us to write correctly. I'm an international student from Mongolia. First i came to the USA i got lots of difficulties to speak and write. But many people such my friends and teachers and wonderful people helped me out to face this troubles. i'm getting better than before. my first example needs a correction. please feedback my essay as soon as possible. here it goes

Differences between Mongolian and American Foods

I have been studying in the United States of America for the last six months. While studying and living in the dorms, I adverted to the differences between Mongolian and American foods. In this following essay, I will compare and contrast the qualities of Mongolian food to the food of the American. I go to the Food Court three times a day and I choose my meal myself. While observing the menu, I got conclusion that American diet is based mainly meat and potatoes. By this I mean everything is meat and some sort of side dish that is high in carbohydrate. Some examples of this would be turkey and stuffing, roast beef and mashed potatoes, and hamburgers and French fries.

In my opinion, Americans concentrate on seasonings more than Mongolians. Americans like to add or improve flavors of food by using spices, salt, herbs, and condiments. That is why American food is more delicious than Mongolian food. The Mongolians don't believe in using much seasoning. The main method of cooking the meals of the Mongolians is boiling and steaming, considered the healthiest method in cooking by researchers the world over. For example, Mongolians make one of the most popular dish Buuz, made from beef and flour especially steamed mutton dumplings and Suutei tsai, which is a kind of salty tea, made from a combination of hot water, mare or yaks milk, butter, rice, lots of salt, and possibly some tea.

The Americans have a many different food choices. It is hard to make the best choice to promote good health. So Americans use many foods which can cause troubles for their health. For example, fast foods delicious prepared and canned foods. The

Mongolians don't eat fast foods as much as Americans because prices for imported foods are higher than other foods. For example, In Mongolia only wealthiest people can afford them usually and any kind of meat is cheaper than other food. The Mongolian national food contains a lot of meat which are buuz, huushuur and bansh. The reason for Mongolian fatty, high protein food is that the nomadic Mongolians traditionally need the winter flab to get through their long and cold winters. This means a diet heavy on meat and dairy products, the latter when sour in the summer time thought to clean the stomach. It isn't just about meat though. Mongolians do also eat cereal, barley and natural fruits and plants native to the country.

In conclusion, first I came to the USA I didn't realize that I would miss my national food at all. But after all I missed my national food a lot. Of course, there are lots of differences between American and Mongolian food. But national food is the most delicious food for you forever. If I were American person and were in Mongolia to study, I am sure that I will miss my handmade American food.

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