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Discuss causes and effects of lacking students in science.

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Jul 5, 2016   #1
It is true that lacking students in science is becoming a widespread phenomenon in every single country. There seem to be three main causes , and a variety of damaging effects on society involved.

Perhaps the major reason for the lack of students in science is high requirements on this subject . This means students accepted have not only talents but also passion so as to deal with problems effectively and work flat out to achieve their targets. Another cause for this issue is that some countries do not have enough modern equipment and practical programs for their students to practice. Additionally, it seems to be hard for people who have graduated from this field to find a job as it requires a large number of skills such as working under pressure and solving problems quickly. This is also a dangerous career for people to choose, since they have to approach machines or chemicals which can bring drawbacks to their health.

There seem to be several effects on society. The first factor is that high requirements can cause few students in science, which can make universities and schools reject this subject . Moreover, this can increase epidemic diseases without control, since there are not enough scientists to find out medicines and how to cure , which might put million people in danger. As a result, world's economy can be affected in a positive way and this even can cause the extinction of human beings.

In conclusion, high requirements , lack of necessary equipment or programs and dangerous conditions are the main origins of the problems, and that the impacts on society are exacerbated by the decrease of economy and the rise of diseases.

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