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Elements and proper locations for the installation of wind turbine (IELTS Task 1)

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Feb 9, 2015   #1
The diagram illustrates the construction of a wind turbine which is consist of 4 crucial elements while the second diagram depiction shows the optimum location of wind turbine installation.

It is noticeable that blades are the most important element in catching wind. The blades of turbine rotate when catching wind. Behind the blade, there is sensor which is connected to the ground computer to adjust speed and the direction of wind blowing. Under the sensor installation, generator which would generate electricity power up to 1.5 megawatt is added steadily alongside the steel tower so as to support the top of wind turbine installation.

Fast forward to the second diagram, wind turbine would be generate optimum electricity power when it is constructed on the hill's peak. For the moderate demand, in shore coastal wind turbine installation can be stance stronger as second consideration. However, for the domestic need, domestic turbine can be build adjoining house to harness the output of 100 kilowatt electricity power.

Home / Writing Feedback / Elements and proper locations for the installation of wind turbine (IELTS Task 1)
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