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Employers should give longer vacations to employees ( writing task 2)

irvan 2 / 3  
Nov 21, 2021   #1

Employees need more leisure time from work

Holidays are something that many workers look forward to. In fact, I agree that that longer holiday should be provided for workers.

Firstly, the first reason why letting workers to have more day off for holiday is a great decision is because it can help them to enhance their work performance later on. That is to say, if they have more time for themselves, they will get vacation to relieve stress after a hustle and bustle work that they have. For instance, workers in Facebook, multinational-company, in Singapura are more likely to have great and good decision when they have to deal with insurmountable marketing and operational problems in their company after taking 3-4 more days for holiday into account. Thus, the fact that taking more day offs for employees proves that the importance of holidays can not be overlooked in order to have employees with magnificent performance.

The second argument in favor of giving the workers more vacation is because it can lead workers to have more time with their family which can increase their creativity in work environment. In other words, if they have a supportive and helpful family who stands by their side during difficulties, they feel loved and fulfilment, and this will make an impact on improving their creativity ideas which produce brilliant performances in their work life. For example, workers in marketing department in Vietnam have a tendency to produce magnificent performance in terms of great advertisement idea when they are allowed to have more day off for vacation. Because having more vacation and creativity are closely intertwined, it is much better for company to lead them having day off to give them more time for their family.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that although workers should be responsible for their heavy workload, I would argue that letting them to take more holiday can be more beneficial to them in order to relax themselves before posing with another work at a later situation.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,948 3857  
21 hrs ago   #2
The prompt restatement + opinion is incorrect. It does not contain the original reference points for the topic basis. What is presented is the personal opinion of the writer, causing a failed task accuracy score. Yes, it is going to fail even as you provide a proper response to the agree or disagree question. That is because you did not provide a proper restatement or representation of the original prompt. Once there is a prompt alteration, as in your presentation, it will automatically have a failing TA score.

Because having

You cannot start a sentence with a connecting word. It is in fact, unnecessary in your sentence presentation. It was only used as an unnecessary word filler. Avoid using unnecessary words in your sentence formation, this can have a negative GRA effect.

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