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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Is it fair to use animal for human well-being?

Hettymsk 9 / 8 9  
May 23, 2015   #1
Some people think that it is appropriate to use animals for human benefit, while for others it cannot be justified. Discuss both sides and give your opinion!

Animals facilitate people in many aspects of their daily life. Based on some people's opinion it is what animals are created for, whereas others say it is unfair to treat animals like so. These two views will be discussed in this essay.

With regard to the animals utilization, people believe it is acceptable for several reasons. People who are still using animals in their daily life are mostly from countryside. They use animals for public transportation, traditional farming utility, and dairy production. First reason, it is a lot cheaper to use animals rather than motor vehicle like cars and motorbikes or high-tech machine like automatic tractor that the prices can reach millions of rupiahs. Meanwhile, the economic condition of Indonesian who lives in countryside is generally under prosperity, they cannot afford those facilities. Therefore, they use animals for public transpiration such as "andong" a traditional Javanese wagon which is pulled by a horse, and "cikar" a bigger wagon which is pulled by two cows.

Second reason, animals are eco-friendlier to environment which do not result large amount of carbon dioxide emissions compared to those high-tech facilities mentioned earlier. The example of animals-used-farming utility is called "krakal" in Javanese term, is an equipment to plow rice fields which is pulled by two or more cows or buffalos.

Third reason, animals are economically benefits to those who produce dairy products. In Indonesia, dairy products such as cows or goats milk and chicken eggs are produced by farming in the countryside even in the worldwide. People consume dairy products for their daily meals because it provides nutrients for them. So without the animals there can be no dairy products.

In contrast, there are many people said it is animals exploitation. There should be reason behind this terms, it is generally regarding ethics in which people believe that animals have equal worth of life in this world just like human have. In certain belief it is not right to kill animals for any purposes, because it may bring bad things to them in the future. Because they believe that animals are reincarnation of their ancestors in the past time. They tend to be vegans who do not eat any kind of food from animals like meat, egg, milk or even oil. Though this belongs to certain belief but people nowadays seemed to be more concern about animals' welfare, since animals have been used for product testing in some industries such as makeup and medicine.

In my point of view, animals' utilization is acceptable as long as it is still in the reasonable limit. They should not put the animals in harm instead they should take a good care of the animals such as make a proper stalls, properly feed them up, and regularly check their health.
Trias 23 / 32 14  
May 24, 2015   #2
Based on some people's opinion it is what animals are created forSome people hold the opinion that it is what they are created for , whereas others say that it is unfair to treat animals like so . These two views will be discussed in this essay.

You should give a brief explanation about your position between the two perspectives so the examiner know what to expect in your body paragraphs shortly.

Good luck!

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