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Should families who send children to private school be required to pay taxes for state education?

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Nov 30, 2018   #1

taxes are benefits for everyone

Families who send children to private school should not be required to pay taxes that support state education system. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is sometimes argued that it should not be obligatory for families whose children study in private schools to pay taxes which are used to maintain and improve the state education system. I completely disagree with this point of view due to its compulsion and its benefits bring to the whole society.

First and foremost, it is the duty for all civils to pay taxes. Therefore, whatever kind of school the children study at does not make any difference to the task of their parents. It is in some ways the same as the money we have to spend on things such as health insurance, car insurance, and the like. Most of us rarely need to use them but we still pay them annually to prepare for all circumstances.

In addition, paying education taxes will help make progress in the state education system but the quality of the whole education in the long run as well. Firstly, there will be fund to train teachers, who will then work at both private and public schools. As a result, the children can obtain better education with creative teaching measures, interesting curricula, diverse sources of knowledge. In addition, this will enhance the opportunity for poor and disabled children to go to school, which will raise the intellectual level of the whole community, create a better world for the next generations to live and work.

In conclusion, I believe that all families having children going to school must pay taxes for the benefits of everyone.

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