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Forming a Learning Group - Help me correct this short essay !!

MokNguyen 1 / -  
May 11, 2019   #1

How to form a learning group?

It is quite easy to form a learning group (with a scale not too large) if you follow these simple steps.
The first step is find members for learning group. For the freshman, you need to contact with people around and then, introduce yourself and your goal to find members with the same goals to help the group work more effectively. Actively form your team to avoid the case that when teachers ask to form a learning group but you still don't have a partner.

The second step is choose the space for learning group. Choosing a learning space is important if you want your learning group achieve good results. You should choose a quiet spaces to avoid distraction of members. Library is the best place for the learning group because it very quiet as well as you can find books to help you solve difficult problems.

The final step of forming a learning group is make a specific learning plan for effective learning. The best learning plan should be followed closely to the program in class. When learning in group, you can do the homework, review the previous lesson, find more information about new lesson before going to class to help you understand the new lesson more quickly.

To sum up, I think the interaction between members of a learning group is very important for an effective learning group, you also have the opportunity to understand the advantages and disadvantages of yourself as well as the benefits of learning in this way. In my opinion, learning in a group helps us to study easier and better.

Maria - / 1,100 389  
May 11, 2019   #2
Try to be more precise with your sentence construction. What this means is that you should try to be more straightforward when it comes to your utterances. Try to evade language that is vague - or sentences that do not have specific benefits/depth that will contribute to your content's substance. Try to also avoid being repetitive with your thoughts as doing so hinders you from creating more meaning in your essay.

Let's try to revise a couple of parts in accordance to this.

In your introductory parts:

Creating a small-scale learning group is easy once these steps are followed.

Finding members comes first. When approaching freshmen, getting in contact and introducing one's self alongside the group's goals come first. This is to find people with the same vision. Actively form the team to avoid long-term issues.

Afterwards, one can choose the space for the group. To maximize the location, it is important to choose a quiet place to avoid distraction. The library is recommended because of its resources.


Another good technique would be merging together sentences to make sure that you have concise content that would be dedicated to having more structure. This can make your essay more organized when it comes to relaying information.

In addition, looking for appropriate transition words is important. You can obviously evade using common ones (first, second, third, etc.) and instead use a more organic method of moving between your thoughts.

Best of luck!

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