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ielts writing task 2: Fossil fuels (e.g. coal and natural gas) are the main source of energy

Oct 29, 2023   #1
Fossil fuels (e.g. coal and natural gas) are the main source of energy in many countries. However, in some countries the use of alternative sources of energy (e.g. wind power and solar power) is encouraged.

To what extent is this a positive or negative development?

There has been a contentious debate regarding our primary sources of energy, with some pushing for more sustainable energy, such as wind power and solar power while others argue that fossil fuels should remain the main source of power globally. Although I acknowledge that the use of fossil fuels may result in some advantages, I contend that we can reap substantial dividends from the implementation of renewable energy.

undoubtedly, proponents of fossil fuel usage might believe that such practice is an affordable approach. Indeed, one of the greatest impediments to the installation of equipment such as solar panels is its unaffordability. By nature, the initial cost for installing equipment harnessing alternative energy is relatively prohibitive, putting financial burden on the governments, organizations and households. Therefore, the wide availability and cost-effectiveness of fossil fuels act as a strong incentive for people to employ it. This will significantly reduce pressure put on the government budget, facilitating investment in other equally essential sectors, such as education, healthcare or employment. For example, gasoline is used at a reasonable price in power turbines to generate electricity, providing enough electricity for households to use. Nonetheless, while the uplifting power of fossil fuels can not be understated, it is vital to admit its insurmountable impacts on the ecosystem, and neglecting it can lead to dire repercussions, which is why alternatives should be utilized to prevent these impacts from aggravating.

Notwithstanding these aforementioned contentions, I am of the conviction that alternative natural resources deserve utmost priority over fossil fuels. Firstly, the overuse of fossil fuels produces a great deal of CO2, leading to atmospheric contamination, which not only results in the loss of biodiversity but also leads to humans' health impairment, while alternative resources can contribute significantly to environmental preservation. For example, were it not for the introduction of solar power which harnesses the sun's rays to produce energy without discharging harmful pollutants, electricity and warm water would frequently be generated by burning fossil fuels. Therefore, the utilization of alternative resources can culminate in the mitigation of environmental degradation, guaranteeing a consistent provision of environmentally-friendly and dependable supply. Secondly, the allocation of natural resources can provide a stimulus to sustainable development. Unlike fossil fuels, which may soon be depleted and take millions of years to replenish due to excessive exploitation, natural energies are renewable resources and never run out, bringing about long-term benefits for society. Particularly, wind power has been utilized effectively to convert wind into electrical power, encouraging the reduction of reliance on fossil fuels, fostering sustainable development goals.

In conclusion, I concede that although there may be certain beneficial outcomes that can be derived from using fossil fuels, it would be more advantageous if we capitalized on alternative environmentally-friendly resources.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Oct 30, 2023   #2
This is another overwritten essay that will definitely not be completed within 40 minutes. You will end up with an open ended essay, and fail the test automatically. There is no need to overexplain your thoughts or reasons. Just keep it short, relevant, and understandable. You are opening yourself to failure with this sort of writing.

There has been a contentious debate

There was no reference to this sort of situation in the original prompt. Exaggerations which alter the original sentiment of the topic will result in reduced TA scores since you are changing the original topic. Your TA score will be greatly reduced by such over statements in the paragraph. It is also your desire to over emphasize that led you to an incorrect response to the given prompt, resulting in a response that does not fit the required response format. This is a failing essay.
OP peanutandanchovy 1 / 1  
Oct 31, 2023   #3
thank you sm for your feedback, that's so true, i just want it to be convincing as much as possible. Can you help me fix it, like how to keep it short but still convincing.

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