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[IELTS WRITING TASK 2] Free libraries vs Internet

greattako 1 / 1  
Oct 26, 2023   #1
Some people think the government should establish free libraries in each town.
Others believe that it is a waste of money since people can access the Internet to obtain information.


It is known to all that learning information and acquiring knowledge are crucial in this modern society for people to improve their lives. Based on it, some people support the idea that governments should continue to establish and maintain free libraries in each town, while others contend that too many libraries could be a waste of the public financial resource, given the widespread accessibility of the Internet for information retrieval. This essay will examine both perspectives and offer an opinion on the matter.

Government funding for public libraries is supported by those who view them as essential community resources.At first, numerous paper materials, comprehensive research databases, and scholarly resources are available to the public through the library. Also, free libraries guarantee that every community member, regardless of age or economic status, have equal access to a wide range of educational resources and reading materials. Especially for the poor who cannot afford to purchase books and pay for Internet access, or for the elderly who are not adept at using the Internet for information retrieval, libraries are one of the convenient ways of accessing information. Moreover, libraries generally offer a quiet, conducive learning atmosphere in coupled with a public area for events or meetings, all of which contribute to enhancing residents' community participation and promoting harmonious community development. For instance, holding frequent lectures and inviting community members to engage in conversation will not only encourage residents become more socially adept along with enable them to feel more integrated into the community and gain a sense of belonging, to a certain extent, but it will also gently promote some idea sharing and strengthen the bonds between residents.

Those who disagree, on the contrary, assert that the costs related to establishing and maintaining libraries can be considered a financial waste. First, people can now simply obtain the latest information from the comfort of their homes thanks to the quick development of mobile internet. Many people now argue that physical libraries are unnecessary because of the abundance of online resources brought about by the digital age, including e-books and academic databases available on a variety of carriers. With an Internet connection, anyone can search for images, videos, podcasts, and other resources to learn the information they need at anytime, anywhere. Second, using the Internet at home saves money for taxpayers by eliminating the need to build and maintain a physical library. In light of growing social needs and financial constraints, governments may be able to allocate these funds more efficiently, perhaps by investing in digital infrastructure, education or health care.

In my opinion, there is merit in both perspectives, and free library establishment in the digital age shouldn't be viewed as an outdated idea but rather as an addition to the Internet, the two are not synonymous. Libraries offer a special and significant space for community engagement, learning, and personal growth-a place where people of all backgrounds come together to explore, learn, and grow-while the Internet offers never-before-seen ease and accessibility. Therefore, I believe that both paths advance knowledge and improve people's quality of life. As a matter of fact, the perfect combination of both is the ideal community development model.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,916 4798  
Oct 26, 2023   #2
As a writing exercise, you have written an extremely well developed essay. The explanations are acceptable and you have taken the time to truly create a clear explanation of your opinion. However, as a task 2 essay, the essay would receive a failing score. It will fail because it is impossible to write more than 500 words during a 40 minute writing task that puts quality above quantity in the presentation. You cannot finish writing this essay during the actual test. You will end up with an open essay, under developed, lacking in proofreading and editing, overall, a badly written essay, which the examiner will have no choice but to fail. Kindly use a timer next time you write the practice essay. You need to get an actual feel of the exam time pressure so that you will know how many words you can actually write within 40 minutes.
wanttobebetter 4 / 6 1  
Oct 27, 2023   #3
first sentence in the first paragraph: not necessary, esp when your essay is too long so do not put superficial words in your essay
delete the 2 first sentences in your second paragraph
delete the first sentence in your third paragraph
conclusion: also too long, you have to conclude and give your opinion more briefly
Overall, the essay is too long, but not no detailed. So many ideas have been presented but you do not give enough explanations and examples for them. Consequently, you should find few ideas that you can work with and add them to the essay.
ardiarmanto 2 / 4  
Oct 31, 2023   #4
Well written essay, yet too long since the maximum count words is 350 words only. Try to use more diversity vocabularies for increasing the score and showing your knowledge on the essay writing. Other than that, keep to write the essay as written above to provide the explanation of comparison from both views based on general facts and give your strong opinions towards the prompt.

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