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Does a free society requires having freedom of speech and express their word? IELTS

noura1993 1 / -  
Sep 11, 2018   #1

IELTS writing task 2-- giving opinion

Is freedom of speech necessary in a free society?
give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples fro your own knowledge and experience.
write at least 250 words.

Does a free society requires having freedom of speech and express their word? This essay agrees that freedom of speech is an crucial requirement by the free population. This essay will state the reasons behind this agreement by discussing the meaning of free society and state that in civil countries no one is above law.

What does free society mean? In new sociology definition; it means that people in a specified country are able to make their own decision, not relaying on the government to take actions against corruption. Therefore, it is pivotal to present the freedom of speech as a tool for people to express themselves as an independent nation. For example, in the United Kingdom people went to streets for seven days to protests against their government as an objection to the new income tax law.

Application of law requires people to have freedom of speech. in order to maintain the wheel of fixing process we need to acknowledge the importance of the superiority of law above anyone who could harm the interests of the nation. Thus, no one is above the law as it is the red line that cannot be passed, and this requires people to be able to speak freely without any fear. For instance, the prime minister of America was fired by the nation due to suspicions of using of his position to his own benefits in 2003.

In conclusion. Freedom of speech is defined as the main character of the free society. Also, it is an essential way to fight against corruption and people who uses their jobs to act against their countries benefits.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4652  
Sep 12, 2018   #2
Noura, rather than presenting question after question in this essay, which creates redundancies, you should instead be responding directly to the prompt requirement but, before you present your response, you should rephrase the question presented so that you can show your English comprehension skills to the examiner. The better presentation for your paragraph is:

There have been some inquiries as to whether free speech is necessary when living in a democratic country. I believe that people must be given the freedom to express themselves for several reasons. This essay will discuss the right to free speech as related to the Human Bill of Rights and Freedom of speech as defined by international law.

You have several vocabulary mistakes that will drag down your LR score. "Relaying" means to pass on. What you wanted to say was "relying" which means to be dependent on the government or another entity. Different words with different spellings that have different meanings. Point deductions will be made.

I hope you have the time to brush up on current events because you are very little educated in that section. America does not have a prime minister. The head of the country is called the president, not the prime minister. This sounds like information you just made up as evidenced by you lack of proper knowledge regarding American governance. Do not try to impress the reviewer with notable information if your information is incorrect. That will not be helpful towards your final score.

Also, when you present an example within your response. Don't leave it hanging like you did with the presentation of the street protests in the UK. You have to explain how that relates to your reason and present its relevance to the discussion. If the example is not well supported the you will lose C&C points as well.

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