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Must the free time of kids be always educational?

Bekhruz 1 / -  
May 17, 2017   #1
People believe that children's leisure time must be educational, otherwise they are complete waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

controlling children activities

It is true that children frequently squander their spare time on worthless activities.Therefore, I completely agree with the idea that the majority part of children's free time should be instructive and enlightening, so that they would not spend their precious time in vain.

First and most importantly, the lack of interest by parents in their children's free time activities' content may bring regrettable outcomes.They can be involved in unfavorable activities, such as juvenile delinquency, bullying or smoking. If their parents organized for them their free time plan and sent them to private tutorials or enlightening programs devoted to children, the levels of their knowledge and outlook could be significantly broadened. Therefore, I am inclined to deem instructive free time activities admirable for children's development. Otherwise, they can fall into the habit of squandering their free time from early ages, and as a result, we would have posterity of undisciplined people instead of erudite generation.

Furthermore, in my opinion, there is also another reason regarding children's future careers supporting the idea that their free time activities should be instructive. Although many people can question my this idea, and consider that they are too young to commence thinking about their future jobs, it seems to me that creating childish programs making them aware of the diversity of professions with the help of games would prevent them from their future concerns in terms of the job selection. (Explain) For instance, there can be role plays in which children are educated for advantages as well as disadvantages of one particular job. (Example) Since these would be just games for them, they could be interested in them with great joy. This approach may arouse the curiosity about occupations in their souls.

Overall, I fully support the view that children should be exposured to beneficial activities during their free time which in turn can educate them.

kris_2017 1 / 2  
May 18, 2017   #2
It's a great response. I hope my comment will assist you in writing the response.

First and most importantly, the lack of interest by parents ...

I think the main idea of the paragraph is not match with the entire paragraph. You should focus on how children free time activities can result negative outcome as you mentioned not the lack of interest from their parents.

Furthermore, in my opinion, there ......

... people can question my this idea......

--> you can use either "this" or "my"

that creating childish programs

I think that is not an appropriate term. You can write "children programs/activities"

Hope you find this helpful!!
acecomer98 1 / 3  
May 18, 2017   #3
Good response. I think you state your position well and have good reasons backing it.

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