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Government should focus on improving the economy or social services such as healthcare and education

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May 1, 2021   #1

the promotion of economy

A faction of the society claims that promoting economy should be government's prioritized task. I disagree with this view because I believe that government should put more effort into enhancing social services such as education and healthcare.

The chief drawback of putting the entire impetus on developing economy is that it shall lead to a significant gap between wealthiness and poverty, in which upper-class citizens gain benefits while people in lower-class gain nothing. Economic promotion is associated with valuable investment opportunities that only business tycoons can afford as they are available with colossal fund access. Whereas it does not help people from low social strata escape poverty. For example, in Russia, economic development outweighs any other aspects of society that satisfy politicians and the upper strata. However, their citizens are impoverished and disadvantaged in many ways, leading them to participate in various demonstrations and rallies that clearly depict the government's apathy.

In contrast, a government that proactively steps to raise the quality of education and healthcare system shall enhance the living standard of the citizen in general. The countries who put efforts in ensuring a higher quality of life for their people turn out to be a more robust economy in the long run because the return-on-investment as healthier people, knowledgable youngsters, and highly skillful workers outweigh the cost invested in the improvement. A befitting example of the case is Japan, as the government emphasizes improving social services such as education and healthcare instead of the economy. This has led to a society with educated minds taking the companies to even more economic heights.

In conclusion, I agree entirely that public health and education services should be prioritized as they are the driving factors of a long-term solid economy.
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May 2, 2021   #2
Your prompt restatement is incomplete as it represents only 1 of the 2 original discussion points. This removes the accuracy of your paraphrased presentation . The T A score is always based on the accuracy of your interpretation of the topic and provided public discussion points. There are always 2 public discussion topics provided.Both must be included in your representation statement prior to your opinion thesis statement that responds to the direct question. The discussion asked you which statement you agree with not which you disagree with.so the thesis statement is now incorrect.The single opinion in response to the - question should never be in the summary paragraph as you will fail to fully develop the supporting reasons then. Remember,always give a clear opinion in response then follow up with supporting reasons. Use the provided response format:

I completely agree that... due to specific reasons.These reasons are ...

Do not use a contrasting presentation since this a single opinion essay. How do you know it is a single opinion essay ? Look at the discussion content instructions :

Explain and provide examples to support your opinion.

That is the sentence that sets the tone for the 2 discussion paragraphs.all you have to do is use the indicated discussion format.

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