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IELTS2 - Government should increase the cost of fuel for cars and other vehicles to save environment

trvaanh 10 / 20  
Feb 26, 2020   #1

Increase fuel cost to tackle environmental problems

TOPIC: People think that government should increase the cost of fuel for cars and other vehicles to solve environmental problems. Give your opinion.

Protecting the ecosystem is the authorities' top priority mission these days. While other people think that raising taxes on petrol is the most effective solution, I would argue that there are other better ways to combat the issue.

To begin with, fuel being increased in cost alone does not bring huge changes in the usage of cars and other fuel-based vehicles. At recent, there are little choice of transport so people have to drive their personal vehicles for daily activities. If the cost goes up, they still do not have alternative transport and keep using petrol-based ones. Moreover, in some countries lacking of developed public transport system and citizens continue to travel by private cars, when the fuel fee rises, they are forced to spend more money on it and reduce budget for other eco-friendly products such as glass containers or cloth bags and using free plastic instead which is another pressing pollution.

In addition, the government should invest more money to upgrade the public transport provision which plays a pivotal role in tackling the problem. As the service on buses and underground trains does not meet the standard quality, people are less willing to try public vehicles. For example, in comparison with Vietnam, Australia has a more efficient transport system that becomes an indispensable part of people life. Thus, the quantity of private cars and motors dramatically decline. The air quality in Australia is much fresher and safer for its netizen thanks to the fact that less vehicles produce less gases and traffic congestion occurring as well.

In conclusion, the idea of raising fuel cost is not suitable for today situation and improving public transport quality is considered to be more effective. The national authorities should allocate more fund in traffic in order to preserve the planet's environment.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,876 3553  
Feb 27, 2020   #2
You do not have the correct prompt for this essay. The correct prompt is:

The best way to solve the world's environmental problem is to increase the price of fuel.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

While your personal opinion is what should be discussed in this essay because it requires your personal point of view in support of, or not in support of the statement, your response is only partially correct at this point. The mistake is that you did not give the measured response as required by the original question. You cannot just directly give an opinion in these task 2 essays. You always need to provide a response to a given question. The given question helps the writer to frame the discussion paragraphs of the essay. So the proper paraphrase for this essay, based on your existing response is:

People would like to consider lowering the price of gasoline. This action is believed to be the most proper way to address the nature related dilemmas that currently exist. I am in full disagreement with this point of view. I base my opposition to the discussion on two key points.

My point of view is that....

Your discussion paragraphs are supportive of your point of view. You just failed to properly outline the prompt paraphrase so you will lose some points for that. Always remember to address the full prompt. Never address the prompt partially so that you can fully utilize the scoring potential for each section. Strengthen your conclusion by delivering a proper body of paragraphs paraphrase, that way you will prove to the examiner that you understood the instructions and are capable of presenting your discussion in 2 different ways.

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