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An increase in the production of consumer goods results in damage to the natural environment.

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Mar 8, 2023   #1

consumerism and the environment

There is no denying that our environment has been destroyed by the manufacturing of consumer goods. The essay will point out some rationales behind the worrying issues, and subsequently, will put several measures to arrest the ecological crisis.

Two major reasons for the damage to the natural environment by the growing production of consumer goods can be easily identified. Firstly, people make use of raw materials in nature such as: minerals, wood, oil, coal and so on which leads to the rapid exhaustion of the earth's natural resources. Secondly, consumption of goods creates mountains of toxic waste and emission. For example, during the manufacturing process, factories discharge a huge amount of exhaust fume and harmful waste which affects people's air and clean water.

Measures must be taken to reduce environmental damage. Firstly, a number of companies should ensure that they use eco-friendlier materials. For example, brand milk with the name " Milo" changed all their plastic straws to paper straws which will protect our environment. Secondly, the government should encourage people to use recycling products. If more goods can be recycled, then there will be less depletion of natural resources.

In conclusion, the cause of environmental damage stemming from consumption are obvious and reducing consumption and more recycling are part of the solution.
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Mar 9, 2023   #2
The essay is not doing anything. You are the writer, you are the speaker, it is your opinion being reflected. You should do as expected and write the essay from the first person point of view. You should start by directly respondind to the questions provided, which are the basis for your personal opinion and thesis statement. When you do not provide that, the paragraph will tend to score on the lower TA spectrum. Based on what you have written, you have only met a portion of the task writing preliminary requirement in relation to topic restatement and writer opinion considerations.

Since the essay does not meet the minimum 250 words, coming in with only 215 words, it is understood that the essay will fail based on an additional 2 considerations:

1. It does not meet the word minimum requirement;
2. All the reasoning paragraphs as not fully explained and developed to the point where a knowledgable use of English language and grammar can be observed and scored by the examiner.

Home / Writing Feedback / An increase in the production of consumer goods results in damage to the natural environment.
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