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IELTS Writing task 2 about influence of colour on our purchasing decisions

nh_diemquynh 1 / -  
Oct 25, 2017   #1
Colour is a powerful tool that is used to great effect by manufacturers and retail companies when they try to sell us something. In fact, many of the purchasing decisions we make are partly or largely influenced by colour.

How true is this statement? How much does colour influence us when we buy something?

Many manufacturers and retail companies nowadays use colour as an elemental factor to attract consumers. Actually, a great deal of our purchasing decisions that we make are based on colour. Therefore, I firmly believe that it does have a great influence on our choices.

To start with, colour is possibly one of the main reasons to attract purchasers when they buy goods. According to a survey about its psychology, 93% of the number of buyers who buy a particular product look at its visual appearance. This can be explained by the meaning which is contained by each colour. For example, green always evokes fresh, nutritious vegetables as it connotes eco-friendliness and healthy. Another is brown which is used often in food packaging on account of its earthy, natural look.

From my point of view, both colour and quality of the product equally have huge impact on consumers. Firstly, it is a simple way to specialise brands across all communications with customers. Hence, using colours smartly in packaging not only can visually set companies apart from competitors but it also makes shoppers pay more attention. Another factor to consider is quality since colours do not always denote the product content as well as its effect. An illustration of this is a quote: "We can not judge a book by its cover".

To sum up, it is inevitable to say that colour is an essential element to be considered when we go shopping. As a result of a strong connection between colour and purchasing decisions thay we make, manufacturers should make use of this to sell their products.
tom73217321 1 / 5  
Oct 25, 2017   #2
I think your first paragraph is quite good because you have a great paraphrasing for the question
just_writer 24 / 42 5  
Oct 25, 2017   #3
Here are some corrections,

have a huge impact on
apart from competitors,but it
consider is the, quality since
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Oct 26, 2017   #4
Nguyen, your second sentence in the opening paragraph is almost a direct quote from the original prompt. You need to change it a little bit more in order to remove the plagiarism in your presentation. You could have said:

Aside from other factors being considered during the purchase of an item, it appears that color is one of the foremost considerations that influences the decision of the buyer.

That paraphrase directly includes the last 2 questions provided in the original prompt. Which is what the opening statement requires.

In the body of the discussion itself, you present a contradiction from your opening statement. You started by saying that you firmly believe in the statement. Then, towards the middle of the essay you indicate that both color and quality influence the buying decision. Therefore, you do not believe that color is the strongest indicator of what a person will purchase. However, you repeat the belief that color influences the buying decision of clients in your closing statement.

In addition to that, you used actual research information in your second paragraph. You required research online in order to do that. There will be no such instrument for you to use during the actual test day. So use only popular information and personal opinions to discuss and defend your reasoning.

This is a very confusing, ill developed essay that unfortunately, will not get a passing score in an actual test setting due to inconsistencies in your writing and reasoning style.

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