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Information about the travelling tendency (cities visited) by people from the USA, Canada and Mexico

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Sep 20, 2021   #1


The given chart gives information about the travelling tendency to 4 countries of people in the USA, Canada and Mexico in the year 2018.
Overall, Marid is anticipated to be the most well-known tourist destination, on the contrary, the lowest figure belonged to Liverpool. It is also apparent that there will be a significant disparity in the number of travelers to the capital of France.

According to the current predictions, there will be numerous American visitors in Madrid(100 thousand), compared to the figure for Canadian and Mexican, with 80 thousand and nearly 70 thousand respectively. Similarly, the number of Americans having a trip to Liverpool is likely to stand at somewhere in the vicinity of 50 thousand, which is double and triple as much as the quantity of Canada and Mexico.

Looking at the graph more detail, the year 2008 is estimated to witness an equal number of citizens in these 3 countries travelling to Paris (above 600 thousand). Meanwhile, the figure for Rome is predicted to have the biggest difference among 3 nations, to be specific, there will be approximately 80 thousand American residents compared with just 50 thousand and 20 thousand visitors from Canada and Mexico respectively.

Thank you for your help!

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Sep 22, 2021   #2
The given chart

What type of chart? Specific image indicators add clarity to the presentation. It helps with a better understanding of the up and coming comparison report.

4 countries

Summarized as? The summary overview must always give the important data in run-down form. The reader relies on this for quick reference clarity.

It is also apparent

Unnecessary. The immediate important information pertain to measurement highs and lows. Medians are best used as comparison markers in the report itself.

* Missing are the measurement type and comparison basis ( measured for the whole year) to complete the summary paragraph.

Avoid presenting numerical data in parenthesis when it is not done for the other measurement presentations. Uniformly compare the information instead.
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Sep 22, 2021   #3
thanks for your feedback

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