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Intelligence is the most important component of leadership. Do you agree or disagree?

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Oct 29, 2022   #1

the significance of intelligence in leadership

The leader is the most important position in every organization. Some people think that intelligence is the most crucial factor of leadership. From a personal perspective, I partly agree with this statement because a good leader has talent and many soft skills.

On the one hand, intelligence is essential for a headman. People are fluent in their job at the company which leads to them easily getting management positions in the department because they fully understand every task of their team. Moreover, the staff perform their work better than others, that helps them get their's boss attention. It also contributes to making them notable when the company considers a new manager. To elucidate, research performed by California University in 2020 demonstrated that talented people effortlessly get higher positions in every organisation.

On the other hand, soft skills are also crucial for leadership positions. Besides managers are good at their field, but they still need communication and motivation skills that help them direct their employees more effectively. The workers are able to complete their tasks in a good way with the boss's enthusiastic instructions. In addition, when the staff have difficult circumstances, they can easily overcome them thanks to their boss's motivation ability. To demonstrate, Steve Jobs is a former chief executive officer of Apple who always inspired his employees to think in a creative way to create the best technological devices for the world.

To sum it up, talent is essential for leaders, but soft skills make them successful. In my opinion, the school not only teaches their students to be good at their major but should train many interpersonal skills to the learners.
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Oct 29, 2022   #2
There are 2 immediate problems with the restatement and opinion paragraph. The first is the irrelevant first sentence that does not connect with the original topic in any way. This is only a 2 sentence paragraph. One topic restatement then the writer's opinion. The second problem is the measured response format to the question when a direct and unmeasured response is required. Both errors will result in early deductions for the exam taker.

These early errors led to the incorrect discussion paragraphs. Rather than the expected single openion reasoning paragraphs, a comparative discussion was used. There is a high possibility that the essay will fail as it did not provide the correct opinion and discussion response throughout the essay.

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