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International sports events - good or bad? - IELTS Writing Task 2

tcheung 1 / -  
Dec 5, 2021   #1
Some people think that hosting an international sports event is good for the country, while some people think it is bad. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

The awareness towards holding global sports events of people has been rising nowadays. It is certain that being a host of a worldwide sports event is beneficial to the countries. In my opinion, the advantages of hosting such events will outweigh the drawbacks.

First, hosting international sports functions help to promote the host countries. With the spread of social media such as Instagram and Facebook, more people around the world will start to discover the countries. A positive image may be built by google the fun facts or history of the destinations. For example, there are numerous posts discussing the cuisines and attractions in Tokyo during the Olympics.

Second, organizing the global sports functions can increase the economic activities of those countries. Usually, people tend to watch the games offline and they will book the flight tickets to come and visit. For instance, many tourists came to China during the Beijing Olympics because they wanted to support their favorite athletes. Therefore, they booked accommodations and restaurants for their vacation. More profits can be generated from these activities.

Although some people believed that hosting international events will damage the living quality of the locals, it is a treasurable opportunity for the locals and foreigners to have a cultural exchange. They may have the chance to get to know different cultures and languages and may make new friends through chatting with people who have various cultural backgrounds.

To sum up, organizing worldwide sports events will bring a huge number of benefits to the host countries in the long term even if there are disadvantages in short term.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,830 4781  
Dec 5, 2021   #2
The prompt restatement+opinion is totally incorrect. You failed to restate both public opinions in individual sentences, then offer your opinion based on the given points of view. The alteration of the discussion from a compare + contrast + supporting personal opinion to an advantage v. disadvantage essay will result in a failing TA score because you are not discussing the essay as per the prompt expectations. This early error could very well be the reason that your essay gets a failing score in the end.

Having reviewed the rest of your writing at this point, it is safe for me to say that the essay will not get a passing score as the task discussion requirement has not been met by your presentation. The way that you changed the discussion instruction shows that you failed to properly understand the discussion instructions. You must stop writing essay exercises at this point. Focus on familiarizing yourself with the discussion formats of the Task 2 essay for at least a week. Once you understand what the different instruction prompts are and how to properly approach it in your writing, you should be able to write prompt responsive essays already. You need to write prompt responsive essays if you hope to pass this test.

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