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Ielts task 2: international trade, positive or negative development?

nsahmad 11 / 14 3  
Nov 12, 2015   #1
Countries are becoming more and more similar because people are able to buy some products anywhere in the world.

Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Globalization trade recently has been changing how the way people buy or sell product. Marketing products all countries in the world tends to be the same, so society can buy the product wherever they live. Highlight, this circumstance can be seen as positive development, although a great deal of drawbacks can be appeared with the situation.

Generally, international trade is the best news for people who want to develop their trade business. Businessman can introduce their own - label product in the world market, as high - profitable opportunity can open widely. Not only this, with the situation also, competitive manufactory can be more highly, the qualities of product automatically are preparing better product in a country's trade market. Moreover, society can be purchasing branded product in their country without spending more money to go abroad. Therefore, these can develop public welfare in the country.

On the other hand, the occurrences give rise to negative effect for several facts. Firstly, local products, less prepared facing the situation, acquire heavy competition global tread, it will go likely bankrupt. Secondly, some even can still be able to face the modern trade threateningly less profit because of competition with big producer around the world. Also, the phenomenon of a really worrying is that inhabitants cannot be affordable the price of product provided market. They are just becoming onlooker developing in their country without getting financial or pleasurable with the change.

To sum up, there is no evident that societies obtain plenty of advantages for processing business, but it would spread out deprivation for several local public. I would argue that it would be the best if governments have to make sure their societies ready to face the situation.
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Nov 12, 2015   #2
Ahmad, when you are asked in an IELTS essay to give an opinion, please make sure that you use the first pronoun "i" when stating it in the introduction statement along with the restated thesis prompt. You need to make your stance clear at the beginning because the essay prompt requires you to discuss your opinion and only your opinion on the matter. So you need to properly identify your stand from the very start.

Your English grammar is confusing to read. You need to practice reading and writing in English in order to develop better sentences. When you have the time, try to do non IELTS related sentence structure exercises to help you improve your English writing skills. Those kinds of exercises can be found everywhere on the internet. Just do a quick search for it. To continue, I was able to understand what it was that you were trying to say in every paragraph by picking out the key or marker words that related directly to the prompt.

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