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IELTS - International travel and mass media: Duchess Kate topless

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Oct 3, 2012   #1
This is my writing. I hope you guys will correct it for me. thanks a lot :)
It is indisputable fact that the rapid development of mass media and tourism in recent years have been so significant that people can keep in touch with their overseas friends easily. Although I admit there have been few drawbacks of this phenomenon, I suppose the changes have been, by and large, beneficial.

For instance, one positive outcome of travelling all around the world is gaining a wide range of knowledge because when people come to a new interesting land, they can discover and experience new culture by themselves instead of reading geographical magazines or watching travelling programs. Thanks to the innovation of media and international travel, every unique ans spectacular culture of any region in the world has opportunities to impress people with its beauty whether they have had their own experience or even been attracted through mass media. Therefore, not only does the development of global travel and mass media boost the local economy but also preserve culture. For example, when I went to Singapore, seeing such a clean environment, I absolutely have a wish to reduce pollution in my home country, after the trip, resulting from the noticeable improvement of my awareness of protecting environment .

Besides bringing advantages, the explosion of mass media lead to the significant violence of people's private life, especially celebrities. As the number of paparazzi increases steadily to satisfy ordinary readers' curiosity about luxurious life, many famous people, such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or Paris Hilton have been the victims of this circumstance. In recent years, an Italian magazine released topless photos of Duchess Kate which was snapped when she and her husband, prince William were sunbathing. The magazine benefited from selling pictures despite the fact that they will have to face court. Turning to the ease of international travel, ecotourism is under threat due to the existence of travelers littering thoughtlessly. Fortunately, authorities can prevent these problems by releasing sound laws and educating people about basic rules before they go traveling.

In conclusion, though there have been some disadvantages, I am still of my opinion that the development of international travel and mass media have more positive impacts on our life style.

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