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GRE ISSUE Government should not found any scientific research whose consequences are uncle

Judith Yan 1 / -  
Mar 6, 2014   #1
Development of science and technique could help human live in a more convenience life and bring a lot facts in nature to us. The progress of science and technique get through ups and downs, though, they are improving day by day. As long as the scientific researches are good at human being or the Earth or even the universe, they are meaningful to be founded by government, no matter how clear the consequences are.

It is really significant of government to found scientific research unless the project is unmoral or something has negative effect to our society. Steven Hawking's research of Black Hole, for example, is not clear enough, but everyone knows that the research is very significan. We can image if the U.S. had not help Hawking's study, the Black Hole theory would not go so far and human's knowledge of the cosmos would not arrive at that fascinating field now.

In addition, scientific research is a series process of achievement, the path to goal wouldn't be smooth as everyone expects. Every step of the process is needed to be supported by finance as well as by mental. Maybe some research failed this time yet this does not mean it will fail forever. Even Edison, who is called "The king of invention", failed hundreds of times when he invented bulb. Before he succeeded, the result of every experiment was unclear and people mocked him because of his impossible goal, which of cause is a general prejudice. In this hard condition, government's support is very helpful. If government at that time did Edison a favor, he might give us bulb quickly.

On the other hand, not every scientific research, such as human cloning, is worthy to be founded. In the past few years people wanted to clone someone who is totally same with themselves so that the cloned person could give people their organs when they have sick. But people, at the beginning of cloning technique discovered, did not realize that cloned person have normal emotion as well as have physical body, which means if their personality cannot be respected by this world they will also feel upset or even angry just as we do. And now many countries like China and America do not allow developing human cloning project because the controversy result it may bring to human.

Simply put, whether government found scientific research depends on whether the research is meaningful to human beings rather than on whether the consequences are clear. That is to say, government have responsibility to research if one scientific research do good to human or nature very carefully. In this way the phenomenon of scientific study will be more open and scientists will have more motivation to achieve their interesting sparkle ideas.
jon_snow 8 / 28 5  
Mar 6, 2014   #2
excellent writing... coherent, easy to follow, clearly expressed opinion in intro and good supporting body paragraph, your word count is good around 450. keep it up.

By the way, have you managed to do this within 30 minutes? if so then no worries. :)

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