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dynaranjani 27 / 24 18  
Feb 1, 2016   #1
Most employers interview candidates before hiring them. Do you think this is the best way to do it? In your opinion, what is the best method for choosing employees?

Hiring a new worker is one of the most important decisions a business owner will make. This process involves many possibilities which sometimes it can end up as a regret. Although most employers believe an interview is the best solution for this major anxiety, I would argue that another method should be taken into account.

Interview represents as the appropriate method of examining job applicants. Normally, employers are able to predict the psychology state as well as the work performance of their potential workers in the light of interview. The wikipedia.org reported in January 2016 that job interview is considered one of the most useful tools for evaluating potential employees for almost a century. Moreover, an interview tends to benefit the two parties involving since it also allows the candidate to assess the corporate culture and demands of the job. Indeed, this method is utterly justifiable so as to determine the right man for a right job.

Some other specified job opportunities require more specific competence, such as an accountant or an operator of certain machine. For this reason, employers should consider another method of hiring new workers. Ted Karkus, the CEO of Cold-EEZE manufacturer Prophase Labs, in the businessnewsdaily.com noted that employers frequently view candidates in terms of the first impressions, as opposed to matching their strengths with the responsibilities of the position. Therefore, I suggest that an interview should be accompanied by another job test in order to make it worth doing.

As far as I am concerned, finding a candidate who meets the job requirements is the same as finding a needle in a haystack. This means it is incredibly difficult. However, everything will be possible if employers are able to find the best method. Hence, it is suggested that a job interview and a competency test are the perfect combination for tackling this issue.
sntinn 8 / 36 9  
Feb 1, 2016   #2
Dear dynaranjani, I personally find that your basic writing elements are quite good. However, after reading for the first three paragraphs, I have not yet find a specific answer to the prompt question asking for the best way to choose employees. Your content is about how interviewing is not enough for some job applications. As I also sometimes encounter the same problem, I would recommend writing your answer at your first paragraph.

Anyway, let's assume that your writing is correct. The following suggestion is regard to some minor grammar error in this writing.
1st Paragraph
AlthoughM ost employers believe an (...) I would argue that another method should be taken into accountthis approach, however, is not utterly effective as it may not be enough in qualifying people for some professions. The benefits and limitation of the interviewing approach are as follows .

2nd Paragraph
On one hand, interview represents as thean appropriate method offor examining job applicants. ..........

3rd Paragraph
On the other hand, some otherspecified job opportunities require more specific ...
For this reason,Therefore, employers should consider ...
Moreover, Ted Karkus, the CEO of Cold-EEZE ...
For this reason, I suggest that an interview should be accompanied ...

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