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Job satisfaction versus well-paid job

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Nov 28, 2019   #1

high salary or a favorite job?

After graduating from university, many students often wonder whether they should choose to apply for a well-paid job that you are not interested in or accept a low-paid job that you have a great passion for. I believe that job satisfaction brings me more advantages thanks to the work-life balance.

Doing the job that you like helps you to get progress rapidly. There are many reasons why working without any boring felling makes your work will be done effectively. People who love their job usually consider all challenges at work as benefits while the other people get depression when facing them. Not only your career but also your company could be developed significantly thanks to your job satisfaction with work. Firstly, job satisfaction creates a positive attitude while working. When you show your satisfying attitude towards your clients, they will feel comfortable too. If they tend to use your company's services many times, your company's potential customer base will increase. Secondly, the sense of comfort plays an important role as a permanent encouragement. Every negative or positive judgment that you obtain while working could become good advice for you to improve your work performance. As a result, the experiences that you get throughout your dedication will improve your productivity.

It is obvious that if you can do whatever you like, you will have a strong passion to do this successfully. People who immerse themselves in their favorite jobs involve more time and effort to complete their work in detail. That is a reason why satisfying with a job is a key to success. First of all, there are many billionaires gave up their well-paid jobs to build their successful enterprise from scratch. For example, Dang Le Nguyen Vu-the king of coffee in Vietnam, refused his high-income to grow coffee trees. Additionally, people who are willing to do the best things for their passion will achieve success. For instance, if you were a stamp collector, you would want to go outside and pay at any price to collect the stamps that you are searching for.

Job satisfaction prevents you from many risks of mental health problems. Candidates who unsuitable for their positions often face up with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and panic. Stemming from the fact that a well-paid job usually requires much effort. In the first place, it is a waste of time and effort when you try to do things that you do not love. 60% of Vietnamese graduated students confess that they are too tired because they are doing the wrong job and they want to have a fresh start with their suitable jobs. However, those who satisfy with their low-paid job are usually in a good mood although it is difficult to meet their needs. They can spend time on their beloved family. Some people spend their spare time to take up new hobbies or do volunteer. Above all, instead of being snowed under paperwork, they can take care of themselves by doing yoga or going to the gym to relieve stress.

In conclusion, it could be difficult to consider between make ends meet by earning a lot of money from a high salary job that you do not like and accepting a low salary by doing your favorite job. Job satisfaction has more benefits including job productivity, key for success and good mental health. So that I would prefer to choose my most satisfying job than having a lot of money and facing mental health problems.
Maria - / 1,098 389  
Nov 28, 2019   #2
Hi there. Thanks for coming to the site once more! I hope that my feedback will help you improve your writing.

Generally speaking, the introduction is already quite good. It was straightforward - and yet, it also was packed with the necessary information to make the text more comprehensible.

Delving deeper into the writing, however, II find that you needed to work a bit more on the general flow of your text. Focus more on incorporating necessary punctuation marks to create for a smoother transition. Try to also omit unnecessary words throughout the writing. For instance, there were instances wherein you had inserted "that" just as an excessive word without a specific purpose. While these words may not do a lot of harm from the get-go, they definitely can be treated as just excessive language throughout.

I also noticed that you used two different examples in the third paragraph. This is excessive - just stick to one that has more weight to it. Comparisons outside of it do not really add anything other than over-explanations.

I feel as though the insertion of mental health in the discussion was a bit much for the rest for the writing because it's an over-extension. Stick with just the discussion of lifestyles - and maybe, you can add information about mental health on the latter parts of the discussion. This will make the writing a lot more comprehensible and easier to digest.

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