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Job security or job satisfaction? Which is better?

samba 2 / 4  
Jan 14, 2012   #1
Which one is important "job satisfaction or job security"?

These days, finding appropriate job opportunity for young generation in most of the countries in all over the world is one of the controversial matters which it limits alternative selection for them to choose between favorable careers or secure job. I would argue about occupation and the effects on people's life.

It is obvious that satisfaction in every person life is one of the matters which increase eagerness to continue life. Those who don't enjoy their life cannot be happy or successful and even sometimes can cause depression. One of the factors which influence on people's life quality is job. Every person prefers an ideal job which has good co-workers, good salary, high social level, appropriate time schedule, concern to university major which is not possible in all situations. People must tolerate their bosses and co-workers for years since they have no choice or they are not enough confident to change their jobs. Sometimes people cannot earn their desire money maybe because they are in a wrong way or their profession is not related to their inner talents.

Although this trend has some benefits, from my personal view point, job security can play main role in future life. Those who don't care to their occupation can tolerate risky situations and they personally are indifference and prefer adventure in life. Actually it depends on personal characters to follow satisfaction or security in his or her professional life.

In conclusion, as I mentioned before, it depends on personal character to choose pleasure or security regarding to their occupations. Although, in my opinion pleasure and satisfaction is more important rather than money since future is vague and it is not rational to ruin present for future.

anonymous124 4 / 6  
Jan 15, 2012   #2
You can use 'one' only in lieu of 'one of the' to make it less wordy. For eg. one of the controversial matters
Structure your essay. Give at least three points for your argument and maybe one point against your argument. Don't forget to resolve the 'against' point so that readers have less to criticize on.

Hope this helps :)

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