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Keep healthy by relying on doctors and medicine, rather than a healthy lifestyle

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Dec 26, 2018   #1

to be fit or to have health issues?

These days, too many people maintain their health by relying on doctors and medicine, rather than by following a healthy lifestyle.
To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

In this era, only minority people follow a healthy lifestyle in order to keep their body fit while most of them more rely on the doctor persuaded and medicine. This Essay agrees with this statement.

Most of people prefer making consultation to the doctor and consuming vitamin, supplement and herbal medicine to maintain their health instead of following a healthy behavior. They think this is the simple way to keep in fit in the busy daily. They tend to believe that they do not have more time to do exercise or cook the healthy food. For example, a recent Harvard University study, in 2013, found that 59% of employees in London have personal consultation to their doctor about their health. Those consultations encourage them often to take a vitamin or supplement in order to keep their physical performance in workplace. 50% of them believe that by taking this medicine they feel fresh even though without doing sport. Again, they feel free to consume junk food.

Another case happen in smokers, most of people who suffer from particular illness because of smoking prefer to take a medicine rather than change their behavior. For instance, based on the research of Indonesia University, in 2004, 65% of Indonesian Smoker suffer from hearth attack, 80% of them should check up every month to the hospital. Surprisingly, they do not stop to smoke and hard to leave their behavior. If they cannot move on from smoking they will be more risky to attack particular illness.

In conclusion, today, more people coming to doctor and taking medicine to keep their healthy and only a few of them do a healthy behavior. This is proven by the evidence in the field that a lot of people choose come to the hospital to check up.

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