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Essay about learning languages - English precisely - which is the primary language in many countries

Arej 1 / -  
Apr 19, 2016   #1
English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. English language is international language. So learning the English language is very important. As most countries in the world speak English as a second language besides their language, where we find anyone who goes to another country speaks English, therefore, the people who do not not know it, try their best to try and learn it. English helps improve international friendships and expand our knowledge with other countries. However., learning English is not as easy as people think. So, how do you learn English, just like every other language there are steps in which people should follow

First ,people who want to speak English fluently should be surrounded with people who speak English very well .Conversation is the secret for learning a new language, people should try to spend hours and hours speaking with people who are better in English language corrections and a dictionary is also important to fix a mistake . Face to face communication with a live person is more helpful than a book or English program on computers.Socialising with people helps to improve language skills . Also people should learn from their mistake and and do not feel ashamed or afraid to say something incorrectly. Everyone does mistakes at first. A frustrated person will never learn , hard working is the key to success. There are easy ways to learn English. And the best way is by listen to audio books, news, radio, programs in English language

This will be hard, Especially at first but as times goes by it will be success at the end .

Learning a language requires a lot of repetition, and commitment .starting with the most basic words then making sentences with them over and over again until these words become very familiar then a new words should be learnt.

Technology is very beneficial and can help a lot with learning a foreign language for example ,pocket dictionary is very effective during a conversation . Having electronic dictionary is great, because it takes two seconds to look something up in the middle of conversation.

And there are a lot of sources available to help with learning a language, for example ,courses, friends, books, dictionaries, online study. You can study English online at home for three reasons. First, learning English online home, which lowers fees for us and saves time for commuting. Second, there are many kinds of lesson which are suitable with each learner's level, thirdly, having many fun activities from English online course makes learners more interesting for studying, for example, play funny games such as play cards, puzzle, crossword. Moreover, you can watch english film , listen to English news, read English newspaper or chat with native speakers. Many people have the idea that learning English is a difficult process. In fact , the language is really easy to learn if you spend time on practicing it everyday with above methods. You will become a good English learner.

The other use for your dictionary is that people should practice to make sentences while sitting alone. Making sentences and fake conversations. In fact, this leads to much easier conversations practicing a conversation about a topic before actually having it.for example thinking about a new job interview and translating what a person want to say this will give a much easier conversations.

However writing, speaking, and listening are the case to learn any language .learning to write in English is very beneficial in any way. Learning how to write English is very important because it is a form of written communication. People who learn how to write in English can communicate with other people from all over the world. English is widely spoken and written language all over the world. Not knowing how to write even the basic will isolate people from others because English is primary language for many countries. Learning how to write in English will benefit people getting new job, travelling , studying, and communicating with others. Starting with studying the alphabet and then the basic words. Tafe , school, and online study and communicating with people from countries that speak are the main things to start with to learn writing successfully

Last but not least, school, tafe is the most effective way to learn . If school or tafe is not affordable, friends or relative is another good way to learn . This is important because learning English in a proper way is the key to success .teachers obviously is the most helpful persons to start with because he or she know the best way to learn .

In conclusion, Socialising, braveness determination and surrounding people who speak English are the most possible way to learn . professional help is also important to help with reading and writing . Learning English language is not very difficult if a person try hard and determine to learn and remembering everyday why learning this language is important . stress is not very helpfull .over studying why make the learning slowly.it will take time but success will be at the end if a person continue to study hard and learn in different ways. .
ichanpants89 [Contributor] 16 / 777 309  
Apr 19, 2016   #2
Hi Arej, I would like to say Welcome to EssayForum :) This is the place where you can get many benefits, especially when it comes to academic writing, essays, research paper or many other types of writing. Then, I would like to try to give comprehensive feedback towards your essay.

At first, I think your mistakes are mostly about punctuation. There were many of them on your whole essay. I would like to remind you, just in case if you already forgot this. After finishing your sentence, you should end it by putting 'period', just exactly after the letter was complete. Do not ever try to add one more space after that. Just like what I did here, you can observe it carefully. Starting a sentence, you HAVE to use a CAPITAL letter. I have found many errors like this in your essay. Now, you can check the detailed corrections below.

- ...speaks English.,thereforeTherefore , the people who do not not know it, try their best to try and learn it. (better make a new sentence, if you combine them, it becomes confusing)

- However. , learning... (you have problem with this space and period)
- ...helps to improve language skills . (when you finish your sentence, no need to give a space)
- ...learn from their mistake and and do not feel ashamed (repetitive conjunctions, redundancy)
- ...learn , hard working is the (another 'space' problem)
- ...be success at the end . (this one seems like frequent problems)
- ...requires a lot of repetition(s) , and commitment(s) .
- . startingStarting with the most basic words then making sentences with them over and... (use capital letter when starting a new sentence)
- for example ,pocketfor example, pocket(mind the 'space')
- AndIn addition, there are a lot of sources... (when writing an academic essay, AVOID using 'coordinating conjunctions, such as 'and, but, or' to start the sentence. Better use cohesive device)

- Starting with studying the alphabet and then the basic words. (missing verb, confuse the reader)
- the best way to learn . (another space problem)

There you are arej, I am so sorry that this was the only thing that I was able to help. Perhaps after you finish revising your punctuation problems, I can follow through your essay by checking the content and the flow of your ideas. Keep practicing. :) I am waiting for the next one.
akbartaufiq25 7 / 81 54  
Apr 19, 2016   #3
I agree with the above that you have some issues in your writing. I recommend you to simplify your writing. For instance, you may combine the opening sentence with the second one into "There are many people speak English, the international language, in the world". Remember, written language is different with spoken language. Spend your time in reading more academic writing or another written pieces, it is a valuable asset to improve your writing. Glad to help you.

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