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Mankind hinges today on the advancement of technology and most people are lost without it

virel 1 / -  
Jun 27, 2016   #1
Over-reliance on modern technology means that people are failing to learn, or are forgetting, many basic skills. People are becoming so reliant on modern technology that they are no longer able to do some things without it.

To what extent is this true?

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance!

Technology has become an integral part of daily lives, people often argue that many people hinges on to the advancement of technology, and it caused they are not less acquiring some basic life skills. I believe that modern technology made particular aspect much easier, but it also brings dependency that people, tend to be at a loss without it.

Technology has positively affected our communication and the way we make relationship and maintain it. It helps to communicate between people who are separated by spacious distance, getting simpler and quicker. For instance, when a student studies abroad and stays far away from his or her family and friends, social networking sites and other applications can help the student staying connected with their family and friends through Skype. Get in touch with people from all around the world become more convenient and cheap. As a result, people can not afford and spending much money and this development can be extremely effective.

On the other hand, the availability of new communication technologies comes up with demerit. There has been developing trend that people are talking to each other in face-to-face method rarely.For example, many people are more likely to choose communication online rather than direct meet up with their peers in the real world, and these 'virtual' relationships are created a poor real conversation skill. As such, it have the result of discouraging real interaction. People enjoy interacting virtually more than face to face due to their reliance on technology.

Overall, as far as I am concerned, the advancement of technology has both positive and negative effects on human relationships. It is true that technology usage enables people keep in touch with people who are in different place. However, it leads people rely too much on technology and they have less real communication with others. I believe that if people applies the technology tactfully, the pluses will definitely overshadow the pitfalls.

akbartaufiq25 7 / 81 54  
Jun 27, 2016   #2
Welcome to the EssayForum, Virel! I have read through your essay and I found that you have a good control of ideas. Still, you can consider the following suggestions to enhance your writing further:

"Technology has become an integral part of daily liveslife,.(Better to split up the sentence) "
"People Some often argue that many people hinges onto the advancement of technology, and it caused they are not less acquiring some basic life skills."

I can see that there are some repetitions in your essay. For instance, you put the word "people" overly. You can use a pronoun to address the word "people" instead as depicted in the above example.This will make your essay looks good because of the variety of words and diction that you used. You should read and learn more about the grammar as well. Hope this help. Keep practicing!
justivy03 - / 2,367 607  
Jun 27, 2016   #3
Hi Virel, indeed, WELCOME to the Essay Forum Family, I hope this is just the beginning of a great relationship that will help you achieve a better score in your writing projects. Below are some suggestions that will enhance your essay.

- our communicationthe way we communicate - and the way we makekeep and maintain relationshipsand maintain it .
- by spacious distance,
- staying connected
- can not afford and spending much moneyare able to save
- andas this development
- can beis extremely effective.

There you have it Virel, I hope the insights below are able to showcase the difference in your essay, may this be useful to your revision. For future writing reference, mind the flow of your ideas, there seem to be a confusion in the transition of your ideas, you have to make sure that the sentences coincide with the previous idea that you have established in the previous sentences as this affects the overall outcome of your essay.

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