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Jul 20, 2021   #1

City now and in the past on the map

The given layout delineates the disparities of a city between the year of 1950 and the present day.

The initial impression from the map is that along with the expansion of population, economic, private and public sectors have grown in size and number. Additionally, the city has undergone virtually no reposition of the abovementioned.

Before the revamps, in the northern part of the city, the residential area was home to 20000 citizens. It covered the business district, only where the two main roads intersected. Whilst one of them led to the airport on the right-hand side of the city, the other commenced from the north, which passed a bridge prior to reaching the government building.

After several modifications, the residential area has been extended to all four directions to meet a ten-fold increase in population 's demands. It circles the economic zone, which has also been widened. Both are divided into halves with the erection of a new lake. Furthermore, there has been the emergence of a newly-built road, headed from the west to join the eastern one after crossing a bridge. Meanwhile, the airport has remained intact in terms of location; nevertheless; has stretched to the south of the city.

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Jul 21, 2021   #2
For comparison purposes, a reference to the existence of a river is necessary. That is because the river was later altered to become a lake covering 2 parts of the city. One may say that the first map is incompletely described in that paragraph as it does not okisively connect to the body of water description in the second paragraph.

The years in question, 1950 and present day should have been referred to clearly in the introduction to lack relevant paragraph.This serves to inform the reader regarding proper information coverage.

The essay presentation is good and may revive a passing score. However, a better score would have been recieved if there was no missing element in the presentation.

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